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  1. 118501 Mirage Aluminium Logo Drink Bottles - 750ml
    5 Day Dispatch (T&C apply)
  2. 115845 Venus Glass Logo Drink Bottles (Full Colour) - 600ml

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $6.32
  3. 100153 Action Sipper Logo Drink Bottles - 500ml
    5 Day Dispatch (T&C apply)
  4. 100166 Supa Sipper Bottle Custom Drink Bottles - 800ml
    5 Day Dispatch (T&C apply)
  5. 100856 Calypso Bottle Branded Drink Bottles - 600ml
    5 Day Dispatch (T&C apply)
  6. 100144 X-Stream Shot Branded Drink Bottles - 750ml
    5 Day Dispatch (T&C apply)
  7. NP135 Quencher Custom Drink Bottles - 700ml
    48 Hour Dispatch (T&C apply)
  8. S726 Sparta Tritan Branded Drink Bottles - 500ml
    48 Hour Dispatch (T&C apply)
  9. 117271 Hydro Aluminium Branded Drink Bottles - 600ml
    5 Day Dispatch (T&C apply)
  10. S892 Vera Glass Custom Drink Bottles - 600ml
    48 Hour Dispatch (T&C apply)
  11. S622 San Celemente Logo Drink Bottles - 740ml
    48 Hour Dispatch (T&C apply)
  12. D112 Aland Aluminium Custom Drink Bottles - 600ml
    48 Hour Dispatch (T&C apply)
  13. 118486 Intrepid Aluminium Logo Drink Bottles - 600ml
    5 Day Dispatch (T&C apply)
  14. 119386 Eclipse Aluminium Branded Drink Bottles - 700ml
    5 Day Dispatch (T&C apply)
  15. 120513 Intrepid Aluminium Custom Drink Bottles - 800ml
    5 Day Dispatch (T&C apply)
  16. S708 Cupertino Stainless Steel Branded Drink Bottles - 700ml
    48 Hour Dispatch (T&C apply)
    S708 Cupertino Stainless Steel Branded Drink Bottles - 700ml

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $5.14
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Share Your Brand Name With Personalised Drink Bottles

If you're drinking water, you might as well have fun with it by designing a personalised water bottle. You can keep a cool, refillable drink bottle to be used anywhere. Keep it perched on your desk, in your car cup holder, or hanging from your backpack. Share your personalised water bottles with customers and employees. They'll appreciate the sleek look of stainless steel and the leak proof caps. Personalised water bottles are also eco-friendly because they can be washed repeatedly.

Create custom water bottles to promote your brand. Personalised drink bottles are an excellent way for your customers and employees to carry their favourite drinks.

One of the first steps to a successful marketing strategy is identifying your target audience. If your potential customer base is sports enthusiasts, why not provide them with a custom drink bottle? Personalised water bottles are also fantastic for employee giveaways and marketing campaigns. We have a variety of materials for you to choose from - stainless steel, glass, plastic, aluminium, and more. We also have premium items like our vacuum insulated personalised bottles. The opportunities are endless, and anyone who gets their hands on one of your water bottles will love you for it.

People can trust the quality of your branded water bottles. They can chuck them into their backpack without worrying about their water getting hot. Plastic and glass bottles are perfect for cold drinks that help people stay hydrated when the weather heats up in Australia. We have leakproof bottles so that people can throw them into their backpacks without worry. We also have stainless steel drink bottles so that you can impress your clients with the quality of your promotional items. Add your company name and order promotional water bottles for your next marketing campaign.

Our custom bottles are for more than just clients. Personalised drink bottles are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, sports clubs, or anyone you know with an active lifestyle. Our materials are of great quality and range from stainless steel to glass. We recommend a vacuum insulated option if your customers are outdoorsy. We have a range of sizes, so contact us to find the perfect size for you!

Choose Payless Promotions For Your Custom Drink Bottles

Here at Payless Promotions, we're passionate about helping Australian companies promote their brand. We offer cheap promotional products nationwide. No matter where you are in Australia - Sydney or Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane - Payless Promotions have the best offerings of personalised, branded products at competitive prices.

Personalised water bottles are also a great party favour or birthday gift. You can even add it to sports teams. You can also buy custom drink bottles for your employees or boss. Stop buying plastic bottles every day and use one of our branded reusable water bottles to save your wallet and the planet.

Not looking for personalised water bottles? We have a wide selection that includes options to keep your drinks hot or cold. Carry cold water, tea, or coffee in an eco-friendly fashion with our reusable water bottles. A travel mug is another great option to promote your brand across Australia. People will be drinking anyway, so you might as well give them a functional gift that works with hot coffee, tea, or water.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will I get my custom drink bottles?

Have a chat with our team about delivery times. Our standard lead time on promotional products is ten days, which applies to most of our promo drink bottles. We sell a select range of drink bottles available on a 48-hour rush dispatch after artwork approval.

How much will freight cost?

We use different couriers depending on the goods and the destination. We have a freight broker who finds the best deal for our printed water bottles. Let us know where you need your water bottles delivered. We can include the freight cost in your quote.

Can I use my own courier?

Yes, you can use your own courier on most occasions if you wish. However, some products have special requirements best handled by particular couriers.

Can my order be delivered to a location outside of Australia?

We only sell within Australia. We can accommodate if you are an international organisation and wish to place an order delivered within Australia. If you require international delivery, you will have to arrange and pay for this.

Why does the price change when I order different quantities?

We specialise in bulk orders, meaning we can give more significant discounts when you order more.

Why don't I get the 'from' price when ordering the minimum quantity?

The ‘from’ price displays the cheapest option, which is the highest quantity. As noted above, we specialise in bulk ordering, meaning we can give more significant discounts when you order more.

Do your prices include GST?

All prices listed on our website and in our quotes are exclusive of GST. We list our pricing so our customers can claim back the GST.

Why is the price in my quote different to the price on your website?

Our quotes are tailored to your specific requests, whereas our website shows the most common generic option. Elements that will increase the price shown on our website are:

  • Adding branding to more positions on the garment or product
  • If your branding is more than a single colour (for screen print/pad print processes)
  • If your branding is quite detailed/bold and exceeds 5,000 stitches (for the embroidery process)
  • If your branding is not suitable for any of the branding methods shown on our website, we may have to quote you on a different branding method.

Which branding method is best for my reusable drink bottles?

Our methods for branded water bottles include:

  • Laser Engrave: We find that laser engraving looks sensational for our extensive range of metal bottles. We even have some bottles with an option for engraving with a mirror finish which is a real standout. This method etches away the outer surface of metal products to reveal the inner layer. Your branding will show in the colour of the internal metal. Sometimes the surface colour is a different colour from the inner metal that becomes exposed when etched.

  • Screen Print: We typically recommend a wrap screen print for plastic and glass bottles. Most sports bottles will have a screen print. This method is commonly used for large designs with a single print colour.

    Screen Print uses ink and is priced by the number of colours in your design. For each colour in your branding, we make one screen (very much like a stencil). The fewer colours in your branding, the fewer screens we need to make, and your price will be lower.

  • Digital Transfers: This method involves printing onto durable vinyl and then heat-pressing onto the product. It has a sticker-like finish.

  • Sublimation: This method uses heat to enable certain white products to be branded in full colour with a special dye that absorbs the product's top layer. Sublimation branding looks like a part of the product, with no ink build-up.

  • Pad Print: We make one plate for each colour in your branding (very much like a stencil). The fewer colours in your design, the fewer plates we need to make, and your price will be lower. Pad print is commonly used on small, non-flat products like golf balls, mugs or pens.

Can I get the print on my drink bottles matched to my exact design colour?

When screen printing, we use a colour matching system which essentially means we will use a recipe to match the ink to the specific colours of your brand onto the drink bottles. If you're not sure what the particular colours for your logo are, they can usually be found in your company's branding guidelines. Have a chat with your marketing team or whoever designed your logo if you're unsure. We'll help you design your personalised water bottles.

How much does artwork cost?

We do not charge for basic artwork. This includes resizing your logo, changing the dimensions or layout to match your personalised water bottles, and digitally placing it onto drink bottles. However, if you do not have a logo or you cannot provide it in a usable format, we will need to re-create your logo. We will create a logo or redesign one for your personalised bottle for a fee.

Why is there a setup cost?

Setup is the cost for us to prepare your design. It's also to prepare the machine for your job. This can include screens, plates and digitisation costs, along with mixing inks and changing machine jigs.

Different products within an order often cannot be printed on the same equipment. For example, an order for the same logo to be printed onto personalised water bottles, pens and golf balls would require three separate setups.

What is a branding position?

A branding position refers to a location on your water bottles where your logo will appear. For example, a travel mug with a design on the front is a single branding position. This will be cheaper than a drink bottle with a design on the front and back (two branding positions).

What does one colour print mean?

A one colour print price is the cost to print your design in a single colour. This does not include the product's colour. Most logos of multiple colours can be modified to take them back to a single colour. One colour is the cheaper option for non-digital print. Each colour requires additional setup and print costs. Black or white print counts as a colour.

What is the size of my logo on the item? / How do I interpret the art proof?

There are many benefits to teaming up with us for your personalised water bottles. When you place an order with us, we send you an official artwork proof. The artwork proof shows you what your logo will look like on your personalised water bottles.

We do not begin any branding until you have checked your artwork proof and sent over the approval in writing.

The artwork proof will state details such as:

  • The position of your logo on the water bottle.
  • Your logo and font size.
  • The branding method on your personalised water bottle.
  • Colours that will be used to produce your logo on the bottles.
  • A notes section from our designers.

Keep your water cold and your coffee hot. Create the perfect personalised water bottle for your use. Stay updated on exclusive deals by following our Facebook page.