Custom Printed Or Embroidered Polo Shirts, Branded In Australia

Get ready to pop a collar, strike a pose and walk the corporate runway - from your desk to the coffee machine - by outfitting your team in stylish custom polo shirts. You will surely get a double take and smash that smart casual look by wearing a branded polo from our large collection of styles, colours and sizes.

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Convey your brand message through printed polo shirts

What better way to promote your business than to have your employees do the talking for you? Or at least their clothing will. Having your team wear high quality embroidered polo shirts will not only maintain a professional and inclusive environment in the workplace but they also double as an advertisement for your brand. This can be particularly effective for public-facing employees such as retail or delivery services.

Not only is your organisation name and logo communicated through embroidered polo shirts, you can also convey your brand’s vibe through the colours, patterns and styles chosen. If a customer can identify your brand through the uniform of your employees, this will help to build consumer trust and they will feel more of a connection to your organisation and brand.

Embroidered or printed polo shirts?

At Payless Promotions we can print or embroider your logo onto polo shirts. Both are high-quality and will look incredible. The best option for you and your brand will depend on factors unique to your business.

Embroidered branding

  • Often considered to be of higher-quality
  • Individual names can be embroidered on polo shirts
  • Priced by the size of your logo (based on the number of stitches required)
  • Not suitable for fine details or photos

Printed branding

  • Clean crisp finish
  • We can match your exact logo colour
  • Priced by the number of colours needed
  • Not suitable for individual names or photos

Choose Payless Promotions for your custom polo shirts in Australia

The team at Payless Promotions are committed to helping all Australian companies to promote their brand better. We’re proudly Australian owned and operated and offer our services nation-wide. Whether you’re in Perth or Melbourne, Adelaide or Brisbane - Payless Promotions are here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which custom polo shirt materials feel nice and which are hard wearing?

Natural materials such as cotton and bamboo feel softer on your skin, whilst polyester is a little more hard-wearing. The benefit of polyester is that it holds colour and shape well and is less prone to wrinkling. Typically a poly/cotton blend is a good compromise.

Can I get an express service on polo shirts embroidered with my logo to meet a deadline?

Our standard turn-around time for custom polo shirts is 10 business days. We may be able to provide a faster lead time should you have a pressing deadline. Embroidery tends to be quicker than screen printing. Have a chat with our team today to discuss the best options for you.

Can I save money by combining my custom branded polo shirt order with other garments?

Of course - reach out to our team to discuss our bulk order discount.