Customised year 12 jerseys are hot right now!

We all know that personalised year 12 jerseys are not mere items of clothing. These school leavers jackets are memories we keep dearly even years after graduation. That why the customised yr 12 jackets that you choose should be not just look good. Your custom leavers jackets should be tough enough to stand the test of time.

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  1. PS1-M Sublimated Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

    Full Colour Branding

    From $18.93
  2. PS3-M Sublimated Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

    Full Colour Branding

    From $21.68
  3. PS59 Eco Bamboo Branded Polo Shirts
  4. H4-M Sublimated Heavyweight Pull Over Hoodie

    Full Colour Branding

    From $62.69
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Learn a little more about personalised yr 12 jackets

Keep your school memories alive with customised year 12 jerseys from Payless Promotions.

We know that custom school leavers jackets are expected to do a lot more than just provide warmth on cool days. There are so much to these jackets. They represent your best memories of school... those days when you were more carefree and curious, exploring each idea and gaining knowledge.

Keep those memories imprinted in your mind with top quality personalised yr 12 jackets, printed with your logo. These embroidered jackets from Payless Promotions are designed to look and feel great even years after school. You might even wear them to your grand reunion! We provide branded leavers jackets that look great and of premium quality. Our designs and material are made to stand the test of time!

Payless Promotions is a leading provider of jackets and other quality clothing in Australia. Anywhere you look in Sydney or Melbourne, you'll see men and women who wow you in their jackets and what-not. Elsewhere in the country, such as Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide, people will catch your eye. And you'd be amazed how simple items of clothing can do wonders to how people present themselves. There is a good chance that these amazing-looking men and women that you meet are wearing clothes by Payless Promotions. If they're not – they should!

You can visit our website and shop online. All orders are processed in a timely manner. We deliver our products to you fast and promptly.

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