Important Branding Information and Terms & Conditions

Important Branding Information


Vector files are the preferred format to send your design/logo files to Payless Promotions along with any Branding Guidelines or Styleguide documents your organisation has. Vector files are typically .ai or .eps file formats. Many branding methods cannot use pixel files, or if your design/logo is not of suitable quality, Payless Promotions’ art team will redraw your design to the best of their ability.


Item colours will vary between product types and manufacturers. A royal blue polo shirt will not be the identical colour to a royal blue pen.


Branding colours will vary between product and branding methods. A royal blue screen print will not be the identical colour to a royal blue embroidery thread.


The branding’s layout and scale on the product shown on the art proof are for positional reference only and may not be proportionately to scale.


Whenever a design incorporates small gaps where the item colour shows through, there is a risk of these small gaps filling in. Screen Print, Pad Print, and Embroidery branding methods are particularly susceptible to this.


Many items are loaded onto branding machines by hand. We take care to align the product with the branding correctly. However, with multi- coloured Embroidery and Screen Print, slight movement can occur between applications and is considered acceptable. Slight variances in branding positioning between products may occur also.


Branding may fade or wear over time through general use. Printed Metal items are particularly susceptible to this. We strongly recommend Laser Engraving on metal items to avoid this occurring.


Light colours onto dark items can look dull when compared to your digital art proof. We recommend a base print to avoid this. However, this is not possible for some products.


There are a limited number of embroidery thread colours available. We match your logo colours by eye to the ‘Madeira Classic’ thread colour closest to and most suited to your design.


If you do not provide a PMS (Pantone Matching System) colour for your design, our art team will decide on one for you (where required). This is done by either using auto-conversion software in Adobe Illustrator or by eye.


Your screen or device may not provide an accurate representation of product and branding colours. Digital Print and Sublimation branding methods appear darker on the finished product than when viewed on a screen or device.


Embroidery swatches are sometimes provided after digitisation to ensure the logo’s colour and quality are acceptable. Design changes to digitised logos requested due to a change of preference will result in a second setup charge.


Payless Promotions cannot guarantee that QR codes or barcodes will be scannable on the finished item due to branding variances out of our control. You are acknowledging this risk by approving your art proof.


To learn more about the branding method you have chosen, and to see examples of how it is appears on products Click Here or visit methods

Terms & Conditions


You must inspect all elements of your artwork approval and your invoice. Carefully check contact details, delivery address, phone numbers, spelling, quantity, product colour/s, branding colour/s, branding size and sizes/ quantities/nicknames etc. Payless Promotions are not liable for errors found after branding provided the finished product and branding reflect the artwork and invoice approved.


Items may vary slightly between production batches causing slight variances from sample to final product or one order to the next on the same product. Such variances are unavoidable and considered acceptable.


Before signing your artwork approval, please ensure you are authorised to reproduce all artwork and text. We accept your signed artwork approval as confirmation of this. You are 100% liable for breaches of trademark, copyright, and fair-trading laws.


Payless Promotions retains complete ownership of all goods relating to this order until the receipt of cleared funds.


You (the client) can nominate a freight company to use for your delivery. If no freight company is requested, Payless Promotions will select the freight company that we feel is most appropriate for your delivery.


Payless Promotions’ liability for damage to your products ends when a courier picks them up. At this point, you (the client) accept liability for any losses or damage caused in handling or transit.


Freight insurance is available to cover breakages or loss of goods at the cost of 2% of the total order value. For glassware, porcelain, ceramic and other fragile goods, freight insurance is 6% of the order value. Freight insurance will not cover late delivery.


If you wish to have your order redirected to another address after dispatch, please contact your account manager. You (the client) are liable for freight redirection costs made without your account manager’s approval.


Delivery dates requested on customer purchase orders will not be met unless agreed in writing by your account manager.


Payless Promotions will repair or replace goods or refund 100% of the money paid (or other amount agreed by both parties) if goods or decoration are different from signed approval or samples beyond standard variations (Less any payment charges).


Payless Promotions have an acceptable tolerance of -2cm/+2cm on all clothing items. Sizes & colours may vary between production batches.


Due to the nature of custom-made products and custom branding, quantities plus or minus 3% from the amount ordered are deemed acceptable and invoiced accordingly.


Payless Promotions must be notified of goods with a fault within 14 days of delivery. Complaints of goods or branding becoming faulty after delivery will be considered up to 30 days after delivery.


If your goods are damaged or faulty, please contact Payless Promotions immediately before distributing goods. We will not provide refunds or credits for goods that have been used after faults were discovered.


An order cancellation fee of $140 will apply to orders cancelled after the artwork proof has been completed. Order cancellations will not be accepted once production or branding has begun.


In the event of the customer being in default of his obligation to pay, should the overdue account be referred to a debt collection agency and/or law firm for collection, the customer shall be liable to pay agency charges commission on a contingency basis as a liquidated debt and the commission payable by the supplier to the agency, fixed at the rate charged by the agency until the agency has achieved one hundred per cent recovery.


Surcharges apply for card payments which are subject to change without notice.