Social Procurement Policy

"We are in full support of the government approach to push social responsibility into the hands of buyers. We are fully committed to working with government, our suppliers and our clients to strive for continual improvement in this area."

– Guy Dawson, CEO

Our Definition of Social Procurement

Australian organisations utilising their buying power and the power of choice to achieve the maximum social value. This can be greater than the value of services and/or goods that are purchased.

Social value refers to social and sustainable benefits and outcomes for Australians, particularly those that are disadvantaged, when this policy is implemented.

Direct Purchasing

When purchasing good or services Payless Promotions will give priority were reasonably cost effective to organisations that meet any of the below criteria:

Social Enterprises – This means a large portion of profit goes towards social benefit

Aboriginal Businesses

Other Social Benefit Suppliers - This includes Disability Enterprises, organisations with inclusive opportunities and organisations with strong social procurement policies and actions.

Indirect Purchasing

When our purchasing involves our suppliers utilising goods or services from other suppliers, where reasonable, we include a criteria for the supply to maximise and report on social benefits and outcomes.