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  1. M8800 Scoop-Neck Ladies Tops

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $24.36
  2. LB6201 Ladies Wrinkle Free Chambray Business Shirts

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $33.75
  3. BS04 Ladies Chambray 'Wash 'n' Wear' Business Shirts

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $24.36
  4. M7362 Mini Check Premium Business Shirts - Benchmark Range

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $25.37
  5. M8820 Ruffle Front Blouses

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    From $26.53
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Australia’s Cheapest Prices On Custom Business Shirts

You’ll love the look your brand inspires with Australia’s cheapest tailored shirts that don’t cheap out on quality.

With a wide range of garments, we’ve made it easy to select the perfect uniforms that everyone in the office will be happy to wear. No more being late to work in the mornings because you’re spending too much time wondering what shirt or colour to put on!

We offer corporate and casual dress shirts in slim, regular, and easy-fit styles. Our shirts are available in various sizes, styles and colours to fit men and ladies.

We provide massive savings on prices when you order your business or brand’s tailored uniforms in bulk. We offer a broad range of sizes up to 7XL for men and size 30 for women.

It doesn’t matter which style you’re after; you will save big on all designs when you order bulk amounts through Payless Promotions. You won’t find prices like ours anywhere else for your corporate business shirts and merchandise!

Order your business shirts with Payless Promotions today. Complete your business attire with a professional look that matches the care you have for your business and the people you work with! Shop our range now.

Why Your Business Will Benefit From Tailored Business Shirts

Your company needs custom-tailored shirts for your clients to feel like they are dealing with a skilled group of employees that have a customer service front of mind.

Your business and brand or service will benefit significantly from a tailored business shirt in your company uniform. These advantages include:

  • Boosting your professional image,

  • Creating a good first impression for the customer, and

  • Promoting equality within the company.

Do you care about the image your brand upholds and want to encourage unity within the team? Nothing shouts inclusiveness and solidarity in a team like matching branded shirts! A custom dress shirt constitutes acceptance and is your business’ perfect fit guaranteed.

Fit out your business with dress shirts. Combine your brand’s embroidered message or logo on the fabric to stimulate brand recall. When you and your staff represent the company logo to and from work, you become a walking advertisement for the business!

Dress shirts also establish fewer distractions in the workplace, which improves the measure of productivity required to meet business key performance indicators (KPIs).

Uniforms act as a source of identification for clients and customers, automatically providing a sense of trust. Uniforms in different colours can also help new arrivals in the business identify who’s who in the biz. For example, you could have your IT team in blue and your HR team in purple. It’s a uniform system that works.

Ready for some solid facts?

A Sydney Morning Herald study about uniforms in retail showed that consumers were more likely to approach staff wearing uniforms if they needed assistance.

Ready to create a trust for your business brand with dress shirts? Get your order details in and leave the rest to us!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Fabrics Do Payless Promotions Use For Their Custom Corporate Shirts?

We only use top-quality materials for all our clothing, including corporate branded shirts and custom uniforms. Depending on the preferred style of your choosing, the material used will be cotton and/or polyester, with chambray, poplin, twill or herringbone weave.

Looking for a particular type of fabric? Use the filters to cut down your search or let us make a recommendation based on your needs.

How Do You Get The Business Logo Onto Your Tailored Shirts?

Your business message or logo will be embroidered, screen printed, or digitally transferred. The complexity of your brand or logo will determine which branding method is best suited for your dress shirts, however, embroidery is always a crowd favourite for its professional, high-quality finish. You can find out more about each printing method here.

Can I Order Shirts In Bulk For Different Sizes And Genders?

Yes, this isn’t a problem at all! We want you to be able to take advantage of our bulk-order discounts and can help you make a mixed order of men’s and ladies' shirts. If this is what you’re after, please get in touch with us so we can put this custom business shirts order through for you.