Promotional Tumblers - Your Brand Looking Amazing

When you’re good to go and want to make sure you’re properly hydrated, reach for personalised tumblers by Payless Promotions. Our imprinted drink bottles are durable, functional, stylish and – best of all – cheap. We are the leading online provider of top quality promotional products in Australia. Get in touch with our team when you want to buy the best promo items for your crew.

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Our branded tumblers can be printed with your logo. These customised promo items speak volumes about you and your brand. Appeal to the on-the-go crowd. Offer a useful custom item to your customers, prospects and friends. Payless Promotions is your best online source for cheap yet top quality promo products. Buy online today to enjoy amazing rates!

Heading out for a run or stroll? Do you have a busy day ahead of you? Is work going to take you places? Don’t forget to bring along your promotional tumblers from Payless Promotions!

Our branded drink bottles are designed for mobility and function. They are made from the best materials, and are safe and hygienic. Plus, they look great too!

Get yours printed with your logo. Give or sell these, and align your brand with good health and the outgoing lifestyle. We understand that these imprinted bottles are investments so we made them durable and functional. Trust that they can endure the elements, and whatever else your target market has to face.

You can find our personalised bottles everywhere in Australia. Our reach extends all the way to Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide. We are also in Sydney, Brisbane and other regions. This is because we are all about quality, made more affordable through cheap discounted bulk rates. There is never a compromise on our side. We’ve found ways to save on overheads and other costs. These savings are passed on to you through the custom items that you buy.

Check out our online shop to see our extensive line of customised products. To know more about what we can do for you, please get in touch with the team.