Flexible Work-time and Work Location

V2 Feb 2020

Reasonable consideration will be given to staff members requesting flexible work-time or location in accordance with the following guidelines:


There is no net loss in reaching the rostered number of productive work hours. If working at a flexible time or location is less productive, then additional time should be worked to compensate.


A maximum of 20% of paid hours per year per employee may be considered for flexible work-time and/or location.


Payless will consider reasonable investment in additional IT resources to aid flexible work arrangements according to individual situations.


When a flexibility arrangement is in place the relevant team member must ensure someone in the office is tasked with managing in-store client relationships, and internal affairs in their absence.


Timesheets and/or electronic productivity measurement tools will apply to all flexibleworkplace practices.


Flexi time must be worked on the same day as the regular work time missed, or a maximum of 1 day either side. For example if an employee knows they need to miss 2 hours of work time on a Wednesday, this time could be made-up any time between Tuesday and Thursday of the same week.