Environmental Policy

"Our environment is crumbling around us. A major shift in thinking and policy is needed. We are committed to being trailblazers in this change."

– Guy Dawson, CEO

Our Policy

We aim to set an example to staff, suppliers, customers and others as to positive steps which can be taken to reduce impact on the environment and where possible improve our environment both within our region, and on a global scale.

The environment will be given high priority in planning, business activities, policies, and choice of suppliers and their products. Payless Promotions recognise this is necessary to create a positive future for the benefit of current and future generations.

Our Environmental Objectives

Comply with applicable environmental laws in all areas of trade and operation.

Promote a culture of responsible environmental impact and policies in planning discussions at all levels.

Consider and openly discuss environmental impact and policies in planning discussions at all levels.

Protect the natural environment and surroundings in our immediate area.

Favour suppliers and products that have strong environmental policies and environmentally friendly products and procedures.

Sell and promote environmentally friendly products or alternatives where possible.

Engage our business community and the general community in environmental awareness and initiatives.

Continually improve our environmental performance.

Payless Promotions Office Initiatives

Paper Usage – We track the amount of paper in our office with the goal of minimising usage

Printer Cartridge & Drum Usage - We track the amount of cartridges & Drums used per month with the goal of minimising usage.

Water, Electricity & Gas Usage – We track the monthly volumes with the goal of minimising usage.

Enviro Friendly Products - We promote environmentally friendly products where possible and track sales of these products as a percentage of overall sales.

Transport – We encourage staff to find alternative ways to work instead of driving the car.

Enviro Friendly Computer Options & Functions – We set standards to maximise the use of power saving functions in regard to our daily computer usage.

Rubbish - Staff are trained to recycle waste correctly & encouraged to decrease the amount of rubbish for collection.

Our Environmental Promise

Payless Promotions recognise and accept that it is the responsibility of management and all staff to take whatever steps are reasonably possible to protect and improve our environment. We promise that we are continually taking steps to improve our environmental performance and will continue to do this wherever possible.

Any Ideas?

If you have any ideas or suggestions of further ways we can improve on our current procedures please send us an email: info@paylesspromotions.com.au