Custom printed promotional mugs

Promotional mugs are a great way to show off your brand. Create custom mugs for any occasion - birthdays, holidays, or even as a giveaway. Personalised mugs are guaranteed to make your office happy. Promotional mugs are also excellent for your next marketing campaign. Reach out to potential customers by giving away a coffee or travel mug. Have your logo printed on the side so people can keep your company top of their minds. Get your brand seen repeatedly with our fantastic selection of caffeine containers! Remember, in the world of coffee, consumption size matters, and our team is standing by to help you determine how high to dial that volume up.

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  1. S960M 350ml Java Drop Stainless Steel Custom Travel Cups
    48 Hour Dispatch (T&C apply)
  2. 105657 400ml Munich Custom Beer Mugs - 400 ml

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $6.11
  3. LT-DS 350ml Dye Sublimated Latte Coffee Mugs

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $5.54
  4. D327 355ml Kool Promo Reusable Coffee Cups (Large)
    48 Hour Dispatch (T&C apply)
  5. 117268 350ml Natura Logo Coffee Mugs
    117268 350ml Natura Logo Coffee Mugs

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $2.00
  6. 121958 300ml Kona Promotional Coffee Mugs

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $4.35
  7. 121727 480ml Duran Logo Coffee Mugs
    121727 480ml Duran Logo Coffee Mugs

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $4.66
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Australia's Cheapest Prices On Custom Printed Mugs

Our promotional mugs are a fan favourite across Australia. They're great for hot beverages like coffee. Our travel mugs are also a fun way to advertise your company as people travel across the country. Our ceramic mugs make a cosy office gift for your employees. Choose from a range of different sizes, shapes, colours, and styles to be printed with your logo or message.

There are many benefits to promotional mugs and their value to your company. We work with your budget, so explore our collection today for your next branded item. We have what you're looking for, from coffee cups to promotional travel mugs. You can also use personalised mugs as party favours or gifts.

Our business is proud of the many options we provide for branded mugs. Check out our Cyprus Stainless Steel Custom Travel Mug with a cork base. Add a pop of colour with our Curlz Coffee Mug. You can also check out our collection of ceramic mugs.

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Promotional Coffee Mugs

Impress your customers with your branded coffee cups today. People make business decisions over a cup of coffee, so make your coffee mug stand out with our quality products. Promotional coffee cups are a fabulous way for people to keep your brand top of mind.

Every time people pour themselves a cup of coffee, they'll see your brand message. Coffee mugs are a desk essential and make great gifts for your corporate office.

Our coffee mugs are durable, from ceramic mugs to stainless steel. Not a coffee drinker? Ceramic mugs also work well for sweet treats like hot chocolate. Shop our extensive range of custom printed coffee mugs online today.

Using only the highest quality printing processes and superior products - you're sure to find the perfect mug for you and your brand.

Custom Travel and Reusable Mugs

With such an array of reusable mugs on the market today, at Payless Promotions, we believe this is an untapped resource for getting your brand's name in even more places!

Imagine walking to work down the people-lined streets and seeing a passer-by clinging to their travel mug with your logo! Or you're sitting on the train for your morning commute, and the person opposite you is sipping the final remnants of their morning coffee, savouring every drop - and that look of delight on their face? It will be forever associated with your brand. Our reusable cups are also eco-friendly, giving your logo a chance to be seen again and again.

Promotional Beer Mugs

There's nothing worse than receiving promotional products that you'll never use - solve this problem with Payless Promotions' branded beer mugs. Available in various styles and at competitive prices, this is one promotional product your customers will be thrilled to receive. This unique branded gift makes your business stand out from the rest.

Gift a mug to a friend or family member for a special occasion. You can style it as you want, giving you control over the materials and look.

Partner with Payless Promotions for all your custom mug needs in Australia.

Payless Promotions has been a proudly Australian company since its inception over two decades ago. We're dedicated to helping all Australian businesses successfully promote their brand no matter where they're based, from Melbourne to Brisbane, Adelaide to Perth - Payless Promotions are the perfect promotional partner in Australia. You can use our mugs for any drink, from the A.M. coffee pour to the P.M. beer mug; we have the right option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I print my logo all the way around the mug?

Absolutely. After selecting your preferred mug on our website, click on 'wrap print'. Prices vary for this type of printing, so check out the price calculator when you have finalised your selection.

How quickly can I get my custom branded mugs?

Our standard lead time for custom printed mugs is around ten business days. We may be able to do a rush dispatch in as little as 48 hours after the art proof is approved. Our clients are important to us. Have a chat with our friendly team to see what we can do.

Are coloured mugs more expensive than white mugs?

Typically a coloured mug is more expensive than a white mug. Select the mug colour you're after when customising your selection, and you will be able to view the applicable pricing.

Our white sublimated mugs are great for brighter logos. If you're looking for something specific, like a matte finish, chat with our team today.

What is the size of my logo on the item? / How do I interpret the art proof?

When you place an order with us, we send you an official artwork proof showing what your logo will look like on the items you have ordered. We do not begin any branding until you have checked over your artwork proof, approved it in writing and returned the approval to us.

How much will freight cost?

We use different couriers depending on the goods and the destination. We have a freight broker who finds the best deal for us on each job. Let us know where you need your order delivered when you request a quote, and we can include the freight cost in your quote.

Can I use my own courier?

Yes, on most occasions, you can use your own courier if you wish. However, some products have special requirements which are best handled by particular couriers.

Can my order be delivered to a location outside of Australia?

We only arrange delivery within Australia. If you are an international organisation and wish to place an order to be delivered within Australia, we can accommodate. If you require international delivery, you will have to arrange and pay for this.

What is an artwork proof?

The artwork proof will state details such as:

  • Where your logo will be positioned on the mug
  • What size your logo will be on the mug
  • What branding method will be used to produce your logo on the item
  • What colours will be used to produce your logo on the item

You will also receive a notes section from our designers. They will inform you of any alterations they have to make to your logo or any other important information. You will have the final artwork approval.