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Whether they’re for your keys or identification, our custom neck lanyards are your best bets in keeping things organised and in place. Our printed lanyards come in a variety of design, and are customisable to suit your company’s requirements. Best of all, when you get promotional products from the leading provider of promo items in Australia, you enjoy them at cheap discounted rates.

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Get your personalised lanyards imprinted with your design and other information. Use them for a conference or other business events. Better yet, use them everyday at work! Customised products from Payless Promotions are designed for durability and versatility. Buy them online at cheap discounted bulk rates from the leading provider in Australia, Payless Promotions.

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Custom lanyards shouldn’t feel and look like leashes that you’d want to take off right away. With customised neck landyards from the leading name in promotional items in Australia, Payless Promotions, keep them on! You look great! And – more importantly – you’ve got your ID on! You can enter top secret chambers and such… or, well, maybe just offices and board rooms. It’s still a sweet deal, right?!

For the best personalised promo products, turn to the top name in Australia. Payless Promotions has helped top companies and organisations in Sydney and Melbourne. Be it through printed give-aways or conference ID packages, we make marketing and organisation more affordable. In the same way, our clients in Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and other regions have taken advantage of the cheap bulk price we offer on all our imprinted promo products.

Find out for yourself and discover why we lead online as the top source of premium quality promo products. Buy from us today and enjoy quality and value. For more information, please get in touch with our team. A customer support manager is always on hand to assist you with your questions and follow-ups. We are live 24/7 on chat or via our hotline. You can also shoot us a web from mail or email.