Capability Statement

Branded Uniform and Promotional Product Solution Creators

"On the outside we are an organisation that supplies branded uniforms and promotional products. However, our most valuable competency lies in our ability to interpret a procurement brief and provide a solution that not only meets the stated requirements but provides additional benefits. After 20 years in the industry, we can usually identify potential supply benefits and opportunities that have not yet occurred to the client."

– Guy Dawson, CEO

Our Dream

Our dream is to significantly contribute to growing brands within Australia.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen the brand perception of Australian organisations by providing easy and affordable branded uniform and merchandise solutions.

Our Desired Culture

Our company culture not only defines who we are but also provides the energy and the focus to drive us towards our dream.

Our culture fosters individuals within our organisation to excel while working with our team and our clients to improve the brand recognition and perception of our clients’ brand and our own.

Our Core Values

Do what is best for our team, the organisation and yourself - In that order

Behave in a manner that brings integrity to the team, the organisation and yourself.

We expect, appreciate and reward accountability and above the line behaviour.

We display kindness and empathy to ourselves, our team, our clients and our suppliers and strive for win/win outcomes.

Our Offerings

Branded Uniforms

We are a supplier of all the big names in Australian uniforms. In corporate and casualwear these include Biz Collection, Winning Spirit, Gildan, AS Colour, and JB’s. In workwear these include Bisley, Syzmik, AIW and DNC Workwear. We also custom make a full range of fully sublimated on-field playing uniforms

We also offer the full spectrum of branding options. From traditional favourites embroidery and screen print, to modern on-trend techniques such as full colour digital print, etched patches and 3D embroidery.

Our strong preference is to do all our branding in Australia so we can offer fast lead times, consistent high quality, better personalisation and maximise the percentage of local content in our supply solutions. However, if reducing cost is your primary objective, we can have your branding done in China and bring over your uniforms already complete.

Promotional Products

If you can put a logo on it, the we probably have it. From plastic pens and drink bottles to Dometic eskies and Nike travel bags and everything in between. Most importantly we can offer practical advice on which products are best suited to your brand or campaign and which branding method is going to provide you the best outcome.

Stock is held in Australia and again we prefer to do our branding locally so we can provide fast lead times, consistent high quality, better personalisation and maximise the percentage of local content in our supply solutions. We can also provide supply solutions directly out of China if you need to cut costs.

Custom Supply Solutions

The means by which we can add the most value to to Australian organisations is through our custom supply solutions. We believe the best solutions are achieved through collaboration and not with a cookie-cutter approach. We have a proven ability to think outside the square and provide supply solutions exceeding customer expectations providing benefits that had not yet occurred to the client.

Over 20 years of supplying Australian organisation we have developed an elaborate tool-kit of options to solve supply challenges. We have some exciting new technology that we are very excited to introduce to the market. In the past we have had clients suggest new possibilities to us or introduce us to new alternatives. We are very open to client suggestions and always take a collaborative approach.

Below are some elements we can incorporate into your supply solutions.


Enable your staff, clients or followers to order and pay online through our e-stores with your branding. We can customise your range so that members can only see and purchase products relevant to them. We can also report back to you at organisational, franchise, or department level.


We can warehouse your products before or after branding. Due to our national network and China contacts, your goods can be warehoused in most major Australian cities or internationally.

Freight Solutions

We can freight to a single location, multiple locations, or even directly to your client. Just let us know what you require and we will find a way.

Digital Measure-Ups and Fittings

Are you in a remote location? Do you require ongoing uniform fittings over time or in multiple locations? Today’s technology means we can fit- out your staff digitally with their own smartphone. This solutions provides faster lead-times, less carbon foot-print and eliminates logistical issues of in-person fit-outs or samples.

Social & Environmental Solutions

Looking for something with more purpose? We can offer solutions that remove price as the key focus and incorporate the environment and/or social factors. We provide complete transparency as to the social and environmental benefits and impacts of our supply solutions.

The Bigger Picture

Our world is changing, and in some ways, it is not for the better. As a business community we need to change and here at Payless Promotions we aim to be leaders in this space. We incorporate social and environmental factors into our supply solutions wherever feasible and practical. We are GROW compact members which means we have made a public commitment to strengthen social and economic outcomes and increase job opportunities through maximising local spend (Australian and regional) and focussing on generating job opportunities for key target groups – including young people, transitioning workers, people with a disability, Aboriginal people and the long-term unemployed.

Please take a moment to view our policies relating to social and environmental factors

Internal Support For Our Team

Individually and collectively we are lucky to have the most amazing group of people make up ‘Team Payless’.

We aim to provide the highest level of support and flexibility for our team. We recognise that in the modern world we live in, everyone has strong priorities outside of work that we need to balance with work life.

Below are some policies we have implemented to strengthen our commitment to our team and to enable them to flourish in and our of work.

Some Previous Or Ongoing Supply Solutions

Organisation: Latrobe Community Health Service

Solution Summary: LCHS has four key divisions of their business and each of these is managed through multiple locations.

They wanted a range of pre-approved merchandise products that could be viewed online by their internal staff who would know which products were relevant to which division.

We built a custom online store for them and added further functionality so their staff can select items online and digitally send the ‘quote’ to their management for approval.

Once approved quotes proceed to orders.

Organisation: Rural Aid

Solution Summary: Buyabale were searching for a merchandise item to purchase in bulk at a very competitive price that could be branded, promoted and sold at a healthy profit to raise money for Rural Aid.

We worked with them to decide on the ideal product and branding and they went on to run a massively successful fund-raising campaign.

Organisation: Love Island (TV Show)

Solution Summary: Source, manage and supply individually branded drink bottles to viewers of ‘Love Island’. Hundreds of orders were received every day through the TV station’s voting app, and we managed stock, branding, freight and tracking to ensure delivery within 5 days of order.