Australian Content Policy

"We should never underestimate the value of a dollar spent locally or conversely spent overseas. Spending locally will see the dollar re-circulate again and again creating a multiplier effect with the power to build our economy and generate jobs for our families."

– Guy Dawson, CEO

Our Policy

We maximise the local content in everything we purchase. This applies not only to the products we purchase to on-sell to our clients but also to goods and service we use in our day-to-day business operations.


The Australian clothing and promotional product industries have a very low percentage of Australian made alternatives due to cost factors associated with manufacturing locally. However, we recognise that the profit on the raw product itself is only a small portion of the profit generated and distributed in our supply chain.

The Solution

We work at identifying all elements in our supply solutions (eg. design, freight, warehousing, wholesaling, branding, packaging, etc) and maximising the percentage of profit from the entire job going to Australian owned organisations.

Our Goals Moving Forward

We hope to be industry leaders in clearly communicating the local content of products in each of the products we sell.

Furthermore, we endeavour to educate our clients on the value of maximising local content in their purchases through us and make them aware of product choices with a high local content.

Are We Australian Owned?

Yes. Payless Promotions is 100% Australian owned and operated.