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  1. 112973 Cascade Logo Cooler Bags - 4.2 Litre

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $6.20
  2. 113959 Viking Lunch Custom Coolers - 9 Litre

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $7.33
  3. 108039 Serena Jute Branded Wine Carriers

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $3.53
  4. 107669W Solo Lunch Promotional Cooler Bags - 3.5 Litre (White)

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $4.55
  5. 119416 Reef Single Bottle Branded Wine Carriers

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $4.84
  6. 107684 Dunstan Single Bottle Promotional Wine Carriers

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $5.19
  7. 106332 Neoprene Single Bottle Custom Wine Carriers

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $5.32
  8. 107149W Siberia White Promotional Cooler Bags - 6 Litre

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $5.67
  9. 113781 Origin Produce Promotional Cooler Bags - Set Of 5
    113781 Origin Produce Promotional Cooler Bags - Set Of 5

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $5.89
  10. 117809 Coast Logo Cooler Bags

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $6.40
  11. 107685 Dunstan Two Bottle Printed Wine Carriers

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $6.97
  12. 106334 Neoprene Two Bottle Branded Wine Carriers

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $7.39
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The Many Benefits Of Promotional Cooler Bags For Your Business

Payless Promotions have sourced a huge range of cooler bags so that your business logo can be imprinted on one of the many styles available to suit your brand! Not only can this improve your brand recall and gain your business more clients, but promotional products designed for both staff and customer use create strong loyalty and retention for your brand.

Solid marketing isn’t just about raising awareness for your business; it’s about memorability and making your brand desirable. With promotional products that support the good life (as cooler bags do), Payless Promotions has made it easy for your business to incorporate promotional branding into its marketing regime. Not only that, but cooler bags put a positive spin on supporting the well-being and comfort of your staff, customers, and clients.

Ensure your brand is around when toasts are made and when meals and drinks are shared. Associating your brand with these special moments is an amazing way to remind your customers in Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane about your products and services. Be in the minds of clientele in Perth, Sydney and other regions simply through your brand’s presence in their good times.

Given Australia’s warm climate and hot temperature, custom cooler lunch bags, two bottle wine coolers, drum cooler bags, insulated picnic bags, and snack coolers are an effective marketing strategy that suits Australian weather conditions. Not to mention the fact that Aussies genuinely love their drinks ice cold!

Are you wondering how to integrate cooler bags into your marketing technique without coming off too market-heavy? That’s easy! Wouldn’t you want to be given a useful cooler bag as a welcome gift when you start a new job? Or perhaps you might use cooler bags as a “thank you for attending” gift at your next business event?

Nothing says Merry Christmas to your clients in Australia like a practical cooler bag. Take it on your next picnic outing, or use it to keep drinks cold at local sporting events.

However you choose to distribute your custom printed cooler bags, people will see your logo on a fun and practical promotional product. They can be used around the workplace and elsewhere.

Select a cooler bag design out of our massive range. Keep your drinks cold with one of Payless Promotions’ promotional cooler bags to suit your brand.

Why Turn To Payless Promotions For Your Promotional Cooler Bags?

Packing lunch has never been easier for your staff, clients, and even yourself with Payless Promotions’ wide range of top-quality cooler bags! We have simple lunch bags, convenient coolers with a carry handle and zip closure, coolers with an adjustable shoulder strap, backpack style coolers, and much more.

Obviously, the first and foremost reason to use cooler bags is to keep beverages and food cold. Adding your business logo to the cooler bags is just the cherry on top of a practical marketing solution. A marketing solution that Payless Promotions is happy to oblige for businesses and brands small and large!

When your beverage needs to chill as you travel, what do you need? A cooler bag! When you want to take a packed lunch to work that won’t be affected by the Australian heat, what do you need? A cooler bag! When you want to promote the name of your company, business, or brand, in a fun and meaningful way, what do you need? Payless Promotions and our extensive range of promotional products. And probably a cooler bag. Our personalised coolers will never let you down!

Our promotional insulated bags are made from the best materials. They keep your drinks cooler for longer and come in easy-to-carry designs for your comfort.

We have ensured that our selection of cooler bags comes in all shapes and sizes to meet every marketing and branding requirement you can think of. If, by chance, you can’t find what you’re after in our wide variety of cooler bags, get in touch with the team to discuss your options.

For the best-personalised promo items online, turn to us. If you’re searching for great value and a unique way to showcase your brand, Payless Promotions has got you covered. We are the trusted name in top-quality customised promo products, made available to you at cheap bulk rates. The price deals for all our items are so unbelievably affordable! No other online company can provide you with the same exclusive deals on premium imprinted products as Payless Promotions can.

Check out our shop to see more of what we offer you. We promise you’ll find the perfect promo items for your marketing and advertising requirements right here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Sizes Do Your Branded Cooler Bags Come In?

Payless Promotions cooler bags come in a massive variety of sizes, from as small as a 2-litre lunch bag to a 32-litre cooler bag. The larger sizes are perfect for accommodating picnics, sports events, day trips, camping, beach days and more.

Is There A Minimum Order Requirement For Insulated Cooler Bags?

All Payless Promotions cooler bags have a minimum order requirement to achieve great value for money. The minimum quantity for each cooler bag varies. You can find more information about quantities and unit prices for each individual cooler bag on our site.

How Large Are The Branding And Logos On Custom Cooler Bags?

Promotional cooler bags have large surface areas for your business logo and desired branding. You can see an example of a brand name/logo when selecting the cooler bag of your choice, or you can download the line drawing template for more specific dimensions. Once you have placed an order with us, we will send you an artwork proof for you to approve before we go ahead with branding and printing.

If you’re still unsure of brand and logo sizing for your insulated cooler bag, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. See here for further details about the artwork for your promotional product.

What Do I Need To Consider When Purchasing Promotional Material For My Brand?

Before purchasing merchandise for marketing strategies, you should consider how effective the promotional material will be for your brand and business values. Will people get use out of the product? Is the product something of value? Will your brand achieve recognition for the product?

Promotional cooler bags are an effective marketing strategy because they are functional, long-lasting and durable.

My Order Is Urgent. Can I Rush This Order Through?

Payless Promotions understands the meaning of rush and the need to get orders through as quick as possible. To find out if we can put your order through as a rush order, you can check during the order placement process or call our team to find out more.

My Brand Logo Has Multiple Colours. Can You Print Multiple Colours On A Cooler Bag?

Yes! We can print multiple colours on cooler bags. So even brands with bright and colourful logos don’t miss out on our cool cooler bag promotions!

You also have the option to take the colour out of your logo and scale it down to one single colour if you choose. Doing so may bring the price down too.

How Does The Pricing Work With Printing My Logo On A Cooler Bag?

Pricing will differ depending on how many colours you need, any additional logos, and the complexity of your brand’s logo design.

A one-colour print is cheaper than other methods because there is less setup involved in the print process. If your logo needs to be embroidered onto your cooler bag, the pricing will increase for larger designs requiring more stitches: the fewer the stitches, the lower the price.

Are Your Cooler Bags Insulated?

All Payless Promotion cooler bags are insulated. Some cooler bags with additional side pockets and zips may not be fully insulated. Cooler bags are made with insulated materials to keep the heat out, and adding an ice pack to the bag will keep the items inside cooler for longer.

Please review the details section of the bag of your choice or contact our team for more information.