Children In The Workplace

Payless encourages a healthy family work life balance including having children in the workplace in accordance with the following guidelines.


All children are always welcome for short visits to the workplace and family members or friends working at Payless Promotions.


Children requiring direct supervision should not be brought to the workplace other than short visits. Such supervision cannot be provided by the employer and the employee cannot be working productively and supervising a child simultaneously for any period of time.


Children not requiring direct supervision may be brought to the workplace when reasonably required. Payless Promotions commit to providing a designated safe location within the workplace, away from employee offices, for such children to be passively entertained.


It is preferred that children in the workplace spend their time in this location, rather than in individual’s office’s or workspaces. It is expected that the child’s carer takes reasonable measures to ensure the child is not distracting any staff members whilst in the workplace.