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Your brand is your most valuable asset. Your uniforms, promotional products and merchandise should be a clear and logical extension of your brand. Think beyond colours and images to style, mood, and persona. Nothing with your logo on it should be considered in isolation. Let us work with you to ensure your promotional products and uniforms are not only coordinating with your brand but strengthening it. You will be amazed at what you can achieve.


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Impress With The Perfect Promotional Products For your Occasion

We have Australia’s biggest and best range of promotional products suitable for all uses.
Are you looking for a cheap give-away to spread your business name and logo far and wide on a small budget?
Do you have amazing staff or clients that you want to reward with a high-end corporate gift?
Perhaps you have just set a new safety record and need to find the perfect reward for your team’s performance?
Or are you building a themed promotion around Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, or another event significant to your industry or clients?
Here at Payless Promotions we have a huge range of promotional items perfect for all of these occasions and many more.

How YOU Benefit From Our 20 Years In The Promotional Industry

We have nothing against start-ups. We were there once (in the year 2000), and many of our favourite clients are in start-up phase, or were when we started working with them. However, on reflection we know we do things a whole lot better with the benefit of 2 decades of experience, mistakes, relationships, and learnings. Here’s how our experience benefits you…

Quality Promotional Products from Reliable Sources

Let’s start with an admission - we still make mistakes. We sell sub-standard products, and we miss deadlines. Honest enough for you? But… these days this happens very rarely, unfortunately, this wasn’t always the case.
Our industry is tough. We are selling price-sensitive merchandise, with custom branding, that is required in a hurry, often for important events. There is a lot that can go wrong! However, our experience has enabled us to sample most suppliers, filter out the bad ones, and work with only the best, and most reliable. These days, we get quality right almost every time.

Cheap Prices Gained from Unprecedented Buying Power

We are big, we admit it. If you want to “give the little guy a go” then maybe shop elsewhere. With size, comes buying power. These days we buy at much lower prices because of the sheer volume we purchase from our suppliers and the strong relationships we have built over many years of working together. This saves us money and means you pay less for your promotional products.

Fast & Dependable Lead Times

If the ‘start-up’ version of Payless Promotions could visit today’s version it would be amazed at the software, systems, and process we have developed and use to run the organisation. They say, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and unfortunately much of the fine tuning of our systems has been necessary because of mistakes made and deadlines missed by the younger version of ourselves. But we are learning (still), and we have eliminated the causes of 99% of our mistakes…. We are still working on the last 1%.
Our supplier relationships give us a secondary ‘super-power’ when it comes to meeting urgent lead time requirements. These days our requests to suppliers for ‘stupidly fast’ turnaround on custom printed or embroidered merchandise are much more likely to be met, than when we were young and small.

Don’t Take Risks With Your Brand - Trust Australia’s Promotional Product Specialists

Our organisation goal is to “significantly contribute to growing Australian brands”. We know this is not achieved simply by selling as much custom branded promo merchandise as possible. We work with our clients to ensure they are selecting a promotional product consistent with their brand image and well-suited to their client and promotional goals. We then guide them through effective branding of their selected products and how to ensure they are creating “pull” through a concise ‘call to action’.
Once we have the product nailed, we advise on the most efficient and effective means of getting the merchandise into the right persons hand, at the right time, at a low-cost and with a wow factor.
Therefore, we don’t have sales people. We have highly trained and experienced Product and Branding Specialists who are determined to build a long term, mutually beneficial relationship with you. They know this is only achieved focusing on what is best for you and your business. Touch base with one of our specialists today.

Some Leading Australian Organisations Who Put Their Trust In Us

  • Commonwealth Bank
  • Hilton
  • Lexmark
  • Nestle
  • Nine Network
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Rotary Club
  • Scouts Australia
  • Seven Network
  • Woolworths
  • Jacobs Creek
  • LJ Hooker