Custom Printed Promotional Pens

Once you have a clear and defined brand and selling proposition, promotional pens can be the most effective means of spreading the word. These can be a relatively cheap and simple plastic pen if that best suits your brand, product and market. Alternatively, if your desired image or ideal client is more refined you would choose a more expensive, classy metal pen and have it engraved with your logo, rather than printed. Either way, you will find the perfect pen to fit your custom requirements in our huge range.

Custom branded pens never go out of style. Technology comes and goes, but in our everyday lives we still require writing instruments, and nothing can compare to the feeling of writing down something yourself with a comfortable pen and a smooth nib. The cursive motion is graceful – even close to artful. What your hand does daily is permanently engraved in your mind. And what's in your client's hand? Their favourite pen.... with your printed logo staring them in the face.

Australia’s Cheapest Prices On Custom Pens

Let us be honest for a moment. Most of the pens in the promotional industry, including those we sell, are imported cheaply from China.  However, don't be fooled. A pen is not just a pen, particularly when it has your logo on it. Over the years we have inadvertently sold some sub-standard pens, but once discovered, we act immediately to replace the pens, and remove the sub-standard pen from our range. But not all promotional product suppliers do the same. 

Don't take risks with your brand. Promote your business with custom printed pens from Payless Promotions. We firmly believe that we are the more reliable source for pens that you can rely on to write smoothly, every time. Shop our huge online range now and save money with our amazing prices.  

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Custom Printed Promotional Pens

Did You Know We Are Also Australia’s Best Supplier Of Cheap

You Have Already Test-Driven Our Printed & Engraved Promotional Pens!

Did you know the average pen in Australia changes hands 6.5 times in its lifetime? Combine this with the fact that we are dispatching thousands of pens with logos every single day and you can be sure you have written with more than a few Payless Promotions pens over the last 20 years!

In Sydney and Melbourne, thousands of people have got their hands on pens printed and engraved with our clients' logos. These low-cost promotional products have helped organisations all throughout Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and other regions strengthen their image and improve their brand recall. Their products are being remembered because their current and potential clients have got their hands on these branded giveaways.

And, great news for you! You can shop our great deals online 24 hours a day. Whether you buy in bulk or require a rush orders, Payless Promotions will work to provide a solution for your requirements. All of our pens come with our 'Australia's Lowest Price' guarantee, but we do not compromise on quality.

Talk to one of our product and branding specialists today about your requirements. You can reach us at any time via chat, web form or phone. We look forward to working with you!