Promotional Pens Australia - Custom Branded With Your Logo

Make a statement and brand the only promotional item that is mightier than a sword. Pen’s sign constitutions, jot down ideas and help you stay awake and doodling during early morning meetings. We have a massive promo pen collection that is just a click away. It’s time to put your branding to paper! Sign along the dotted line with us today and walk away with your own branded pens.

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Your brand will stay top of mind with custom promotional pens

The humble pen, the only promotional product that will never ever get thrown away. No one throws away a pen - they chuck them in a drawer, in their car glove box, behind their ear! Then down the track, when they’re thinking of finding a new supplier for that project - they’ll pull out that pen and see your brand name and the rest, as they say, is history.

We have an impressive array of custom pens, ready for you to kickstart your promotional campaign. From economic plastic pens through to metal, eco-friendly and stylus pens. You can even display your brand’s logo on a banner pen. Imagine paying less than $1 for banner advertising! Available in a multitude of colours and sizes, the writing’s on the wall (or the pen) when it comes to promo pens for your business.

A classic for a reason

Promotional pens have been around for decades, nevertheless adding this classic to your marketing strategy is still likely to produce good returns. Pens are ideal because everybody uses them, they use them frequently, and they can begin using them immediately. The branded pen is the perfect combination of in-demand, functional and economical. Especially at the low prices we offer at Payless Promotions.

Choose Payless Promotions for all your promotional pen needs in Australia

At Payless Promotions, we’re proudly Australian owned and operated, so no matter where you’re from in this vast country, we’re passionate about helping you to successfully promote your brand. From Perth to Sydney, Brisbane to Adelaide - Payless Promotions have got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my order of promotional pens include a mixture of styles and pen colours if the print is the same?

Typically we cannot mix pen styles within an order as our branding machines require an individual set up for each type of pen. You can include a mix of pen colours, provided the print colour remains the same. Generally, a combination of coloured pens with white print looks great.

What is the fastest lead time possible on custom printed pens?

The standard turn-around time for promotional pens is approximately 10 business days. We may be able to do a quick 48 hour dispatch time (after artwork approval) on some pens - have a chat with our friendly team to see what we can do for you.

Can I get a better deal by bulk ordering branded pens along with other promotional products to create a promo pack?

Absolutely! Reach out to our amazing team to discuss your options. We’re available by chat, phone or email.