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If clothes make the man then you'd want our branded clothing on your most loyal customers, staff or team. After all, top-of-its-class promotional apparel from Payless Promotions speaks of the importance you give to quality, durability and style. We are a leading provider of custom products in Australia. Call us today!

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Win-Over Your Team & Supporters With PSU Sports Uniforms

Win hearts and minds with PSU custom team uniforms by Payless Promotions. As the leading provider of premium quality club uniforms in Australia, you're guaranteed tough-performing custom branded garments that looks great before, during and after the game.

When you want your team to be successful, start with the basics - your uniforms (Oh yes, you should train too but let's focus on your uniforms here. LOL!)

Custom printed club uniforms from Payless Promotions don't just look good. Our garments are designed to withstand the strictest training regimen and tough enough to repel any opposition. They play as hard as you do. They last as long too while still looking great. Winning is no sweat when you have your team logo printed on uniforms from PSU.

Look Sexy, Play Tough In Sports Uniforms By PSU

Our printed sports uniforms look amazing. No doubt you will be the best-looking team in the tournament. But don't be fooled, our garments are super-tough and so are the men and ladies wearing them!

Your team will be instant winners in the fashion stakes when wearing PSU custom branded club uniforms from Payless Promotions. Dressing like winners is the first step to associating your team with playing hard and winning. And, of course when you buy your branded sports uniforms from the industry leader in Australia, Payless Promotions you are guaranteed Australia's lowest prices.

Athletes All Over Australia Are Raising Premiers Cups While Wearing PSU Uniforms

All over the country, we are helping teams to score and win. Each hit, bowl, catch and throw in Sydney and Melbourne; each kick and mark in Perth; each dribble and shot in Brisbane and Adelaide, these are made by champions wearing custom PSU uniforms.

Shop online and see why we are the industry's leader. Pour through our web store to see our extensive sports uniform range, all available to you at cheap prices. When you make your purchase from us, you are buying guaranteed quality. Our sports garments are tough and long-lasting. They look great and feel comfortable, even after all the strains and sweat of the game.

Call our team today and chat with a product and branding specialist. Or engage with our live chat team who are available for queries 24/7.

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Payless Promotions is a top notch supplier of promotional clothing throughout Australia. Whether you're in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth, we are there to provide for your personalised and branded apparel needs. Oh – and let's not leave out Brisbane and Adelaide! We're everywhere. When you're in-demand and preferred, you have to be!

Our high quality and affordable items are customised to suit your requirements. It could be for the everyday wear of your team or crew. In that case, you'd want your logo imprinted and stylishly displayed. We guarantee the optimal and great-looking display of your brand image – nothing gaudy or out-of-place. Likewise, you may want to use everyday wear as advertising items or giveaways for your customers. We can do that too! And, as usual, we accomplish this with the same discerning eye for style, durability and affordability. All our products are custom and suited to your requirements.

All you need to do is talk to one of our representatives. It's like going to the shop, and collaborating with us in person regarding what you want to do. Of course, we can do all this online or through our phone lines. Technology is always amazing; and it has enabled us to provide cheap, accessible and high quality service to practically anyone everywhere. Browse through our web store and see if there's anything you like. Our interface is interactive so you can examine each product closely.

Our items come in various colours, fits and styles. We are sure you'll find something for you and your squad. Otherwise, talk to us just the same and let us see what we can up with. We work proactively with you so you get exactly the perfect promo items for your business. There's no rush necessary but hey why hold back your excitement? Let's get started! Call us today!