• Step 1

    The first step is to go to your wardrobe and choose a similar style garment to the one you are considering to buy. You need to confirm this garment fits you well.

    Step 2

    The next step is to lay the garment on a flat surface and measure from underarm to underarm. You need to make sure this is at the fullest part of the chest. This result is called the “Half Chest Measurement“.

    Step 3

    The last step is to compare the “Half Chest Measurement” that you have just worked out from Step 2 to the size tables on our website and select the size with the nearest match. Please note - each garment style on our website has a different size specifications, so make sure you use the correct chart for the style.

  • Our head office is located in Gippsland, Victoria, however we don’t hold any stock or do any branding from here.

    We have warehouse and production facilities in many Australian cities and can often use the one closest or most relevant to you.

  • Payless Promotions was founded in the year 2000 by our current CEO. Read more about our beginnings and our growth on our About Us page.

  • We openly publish and promote our dream, mission culture and core values on our About Us page.

  • It does depend on the product ordered and quantity. We dispatch most products within 10 business days from payment and art approval.

    We can often dispatch even quicker if you need them in a rush, but the pricing may change. Some products boast a dispatch time as quick as 48 hours. Freight time is additional.

  • We use different couriers, depending on the goods and the destination. We have a freight broker who finds the best deal for us on each job. Can I get one of our team to contact you and discuss specific deliver details to your location?

  • Yes, on most occasions you can use your own courier if you wish. However, some products have special requirements which are best handled by our specialist couriers.

  • This will depend on the product you have ordered and where you are located. If you are in a major Australian eastern-seaboard city most consignments will get to you within 1-3 days after dispatch.

  • Payment is not required until you have viewed and approved our digital artwork and final invoice. Our jobs do not go to production until payment is received, so a delayed payment will result in a delayed delivery.

  • We accept direct deposit, credit card or cheques.

  • Yes, provided the branding method, design and branding are identical you can normally mix colours of an item within an order. Just keep in mind if you are mixing light and dark colours, the branding colour/s may need to be changed which will likely result in an increased cost.

  • Sometimes... This all depends on the branding methods for the different products. For example, if all products are embroidered with the same logo, we can often combine different garments and offer you pricing at the rate of all products combined for each different product.

    However, this is not possible for most other branding methods as different processes, setups, branding sizes, and inks are required for different products.

  • We can send out samples for most of our products. Depending on the item and its value you may be required to pay for the sample and/or freight. In most cases, if you do pay, this amount will be credited towards your next order.

  • Many of our items have an express service available. Use the filters on the left-hand side of our website to filters products by lead time. Fees for express dispatch may apply.

  • We only arrange delivery within Australia. If you are an international organisation and wish to place an order to be delivered within Australia, we can accommodate. If you require international delivery, you will have to arrange and pay for this.

  • Our balloons are perfectly suited to be filled with regular air or helium.

  • We do not charge for basic artwork on jobs. Our setup fees cover the cost of creating a digital or physical template for your branding. For example, for screen printing we need to make a screen, for embroidery we need a digitisation file (specific to embroidery machines), and for pad printing we need to metal plate. Unfortunately, even if you provide your artwork job-ready, we still need to charge a setup fee to cover this cost.

  • For some branding methods we can do the setup once and use it again and again with very little time required for repeat setup, and therefore we don’t charge repeat setup. However, for some branding methods the branding template cannot be kept and needs to be redone for repeat jobs. Also, for some jobs even through we can use the initial template, the machine still needs to be setup differently for each specific job and cleaned and reset at the end which takes significant time, and therefore we charge a ‘repeat setup’ to cover this cost.

  • We do not charge for basic artwork. This includes resizing your logo, chancing the dimensions or layout of your logo, and digitally placing it onto the product you are branding. However, if you do not have a logo or you cannot provide it in a usable format, we will need to create re-create your logo. This is time consuming, and we need to charge a fee to cover this time.

  • All prices listed on our website and in our quotes are exclusive of GST, and this will be stated on the page. We list our pricing in this way as a huge majority of our clients can claim back the GST and therefore are most interested in the pre GST price.

  • You see the conditions and requirements for our Rush Service Here