Payless Promotions has the ideal look for your crew with custom jackets

Payless Promotions has a wide variety of top-quality custom jackets for every occasion and season. Whether you’re on the search for something smart, casual, or professional, we’ve got it all right here. Custom jackets can be a practical and fun way to elevate morale in the office or on the field. With our jacket designs in numerous colours and styles for men, ladies, and kids, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect jacket for your office or team right here on our website. We have products to suit every event. Our broad range includes embroidered jackets in every colour: jackets for personality, jackets for important events, jackets for work, and jackets to help create lasting impressions with your clients. Let your creativity open the door to something special, and get your team logo printed on a popular jacket of your choosing to showcase your brand all over Australia!

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  1. 116563 Unisex Emergency Waterproof Branded Ponchos
    5 Day Dispatch (T&C apply)
  2. 104660 Unisex Emergency Custom Ponchos
    5 Day Dispatch (T&C apply)
    104660 Unisex Emergency Custom Ponchos

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $1.70
  3. 108517 Unisex Foldable Emergency Logo Ponchos
    5 Day Dispatch (T&C apply)
  4. JK39 Unisex Roadrunner Embroidered Track Jackets

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $16.33
  5. 120672 Kids SOLS Surf Branded Water Proof Jackets

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $18.52
  6. 120009 SOLS Unisex Shift Logo Rain Jackets

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $21.02
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Learn a little more about custom jackets

Australia’s Cheapest Prices On Custom Jackets

Are you ready to save big on your next order for your business’s promotional merchandise or team and office equipment? Great! Because the crew at Payless Promotions are ready to help you do just that!

One of the many benefits clients get when they buy with us is the massive savings on minimum quantity jacket orders and even more significant savings on large quantity jacket orders.

Our sales on custom jackets and other promotional items are pretty out of this world. You won’t believe how good the price is compared with other companies’ products.

It doesn’t matter which custom jacket styles you’re after; the prices are excellent for our high-quality fabrics and materials. You’ll find yourself wearing jackets with the same quality (or better!) than your favourite top brands!

At Payless Promotions, we understand what it means to work with an experienced company that can assist with all your unanswered questions. If you want to find out how our products can help you save on your budget, browse through our range or feel free to call us up for a chat!

Learn A Little More About Custom Jackets

Jackets aren’t just for warmth in winter anymore. They’re fashionable clothing garments for terrific style all year round. Jackets like hoodies and cardigans can even be worn in summer! Brands all over the world have jumped on board with creating jackets in a fabric that can be worn in any season.

As a business wanting to grow and promote your brand, you need to get into the team spirit and order your custom jackets today!

The process is made simple with the crew at Payless Promotions. We are here every step of the way to help you pick your favourite custom jacket style and add your creative artwork to your garment.

Ensure you check out our whole collection of jackets before deciding! There’s plenty to choose from:

  • Varsity jackets

  • Rain jackets/windbreakers

  • Casual jackets

  • Corporate jackets

  • Suit jackets

  • Cardigans

  • Track jackets

  • Polar fleece jackets

  • Soft shell jackets

  • We even have trench coats, ponchos and chef jackets in our stock!

Select a jacket colour that matches your brand and start designing today. Send us the artwork you want to advertise on the jacket and your required sizes, and we’ll get the printing process started.

Our team will recommend whether embroidery or printing would be the best method for you, based on your custom design and your preferred jacket style.

Strengthen Your Brand With Our Range

Impress your clients, customers, and employees when you bring custom embroidered jackets to the table at your next meeting or event!

Clothing is a fantastic way to get your brand’s logo seen worldwide. Think of some of the top labels you love to wear. You probably see them everywhere! That could be your logo and business name you see worn all over Australia.

When staff wear their custom jackets in store, clients and customers know who they can turn to for help. When out of the store, brand recall and retention are in full force with free advertising all through the streets. It’s a sure-fire way to promote your logo to and from the job site.

There are so many advantages to be had when you use Payless Promotions products as a cost-effective integrated marketing strategy to strengthen the brand exposure of your organisation.

You can incorporate the utility of jackets into your staff rewards programs, customer loyalty packages, company teams at corporate events, and so much more! Make every staff member, team player, and group member start to feel valued when they get to wear your logo around town proudly.

We’ll Help You To Create Your Brand’s Personalised Jackets

Explore your way through the display of custom jackets we offer right here on our site! If you have a style in mind that you don’t see on our page, contact our team to chat about how they can assist with your options.

As we have so many jackets to choose from, making your selection might not be easy! It’s okay; we understand the dilemma and are here to help. We are fully prepared to answer your queries and support you with designs, patterns, styles, and colours wherever possible. Please get in contact with us to talk about a design you have in mind.

At Payless Promotions, we believe every business should be rocking a top-notch custom jacket with its decorative logo for everybody to appreciate. For a decent price and worthy business reputation, make your business jackets the jackets everyone loves to wear to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Expected Delivery Time For My Custom Jacket Order?

Once the jackets have been completed in production, delivery time will vary depending on your location. If you are within a larger Australian city like Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane, your order is expected to arrive within 1-3 days after dispatch.

How Do You Get My Design Or Logo Onto The Jacket?

For custom jackets, we typically use three branding methods. We will use the embroidery technique or digital transfers, depending on the jacket you select. You can find out more information about each type of printing method here.

Can I Order A Variety Of Sizes For The Same Jacket Design?

Yes, you can order the same jacket in a variety of sizes. You can even order a mixture of kids’, women’s and men’s sizes. The logo will remain the same for every size jacket.

If you wish to have multiple sizes in your custom order, please get in touch with us to ensure we get your sizing preferences right.

Can I Order Different Jacket Styles To Make Up The Minimum Quantity Required?

The minimum quantity order is based on the branding method you select. For example, you can order 1 x polo shirt and 29 x jackets to meet a minimum order quantity of 30 units, as long as the same logo and branding method is used for all items.

Can I Have Different Coloured Jackets In One Order?

Ordering different coloured jackets isn’t a problem if we have all your chosen colours in stock; otherwise, your wait time for delivery will be longer. Please keep in mind that you cannot have varying artwork and logos on the different colour jackets. All artworks will be the same for each colour jacket.

How Can I Be Sure I Have Chosen The Right Jacket For My Team?

You can purchase a sample jacket! Our jackets are available to purchase as a one-piece unbranded sample at reasonable prices. Every sample order is treated as a genuine enquiry.

You can order more than one sample jacket, but the cost does add up, so make sure you choose a jacket you genuinely think you’re going to love!