Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Our Definition of CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility in the ongoing commitment by Payless Promotions to behave ethically and morally and embrace the responsibilities of the business to our employees, their families, our business community, the general community and the environment.

It is a voluntary process by which the business delivers on these responsibilities in the planning, policy setting, and everyday operations of the business.  This is a commitment over and above any legal or statutory requirements.

Our Purpose

To ensure Payless Promotions always acts in a fair, responsible, open and accountable manner promoting a relationship of respect and trust both within the business and with our customers and suppliers.

Our Policy Statement

Five important areas where Payless Promotions can have a positive impact have been identified. These are listed below with specific policies that should always be applied by management and staff Payless Promotions.

1. Social Environment

Ethical Suppliers

Only deal with suppliers who provide fair and legal pay rates and working conditions.

Support & Promote Region

Support local shire and groups in the growth, development and promotion of the local area.

Support Charities

Support charity organisations as much as possible.

Buy Local

Support city, regional, state, national businesses were possible in that order.

2. Staff

Fair Treatment

Ensure fair treatment and opportunities for all staff

Open Communication

Promote and encourage open lines of communication between all levels of staff and management

Opportunity for Growth

Provide the opportunity for growth through promotion or increased responsibilities to all staff.

Quality of Life

Recognise the importance this workplace has in its staff's Quality of Life and embrace all viable opportunities to improve this.

Fair Reward for Work

Ensure fair pay and reward for work carried out considering the difficulty of tasks and value to the business.


Always respect staff and never discriminate on the basis of age, sex, religion, sexuality, or personal values.

3. Management

Respect for Decisions

Respect that management decisions are made in the perceived best interest of the business and all parties or individuals involved.  Expect variances of opinion and understand that decisions cannot be made in the best interest of all parties.

Determination / Effort

The highest level of effort and determination is expected from staff whilst carrying out all workplace activities.


Privacy is expected from all staff in relation to any dealings within the workplace that could reasonably be assumed to be confidential.


Loyalty is expected from staff particularly when presented with an opportunity to affect the dealing or reputation of the business either within or outside the workplace.

4. Customers


Maintain high-quality standards and professionalism in all dealings with customers. 


Charge customers a fair price for goods in relation to the quality of the goods and the price for which the goods were purchased by Payless Promotions.

Honesty / Transparency

Always be honest and transparent with customers particularly in relation to price, quality of goods and expected delivery times.  If any issues arise with a job notify the customer as soon as possible and be honest about the problem and the expected outcome.

Pleasant Dealings

Make all dealings with customers as easy and pleasurable as possible for the customer.  Always be polite, respectful and as prompt as possible.

5. Suppliers

Fair Rates

Expect to pay fair rates for work.  Don't negotiate to the extent where a job is barely profitable for the supplier.

Clear Conditions of Order

Ensure conditions or expectations of all orders are clear and transparent.  Particularly in regard to price, lead time, and job specifications.

On-Time Payment

Make all payments to suppliers within agreed terms


Be understanding of mistakes provided they are not due to misleading behaviour or information, or un-professional work practices.


Co-operate with suppliers at all times.  Particularly when a job becomes difficult or an honest mistake is made.  When suppliers make mistakes work with them and the customer to find an outcome that is least costly for the supplier whilst still pleasing the customer.

Our Promise

Payless Promotions will strive to enhance the lives of staff, business associates, and the community wherever reasonably possible.  This will be specified in relation to, but not limited to the 5 areas identified above.  The well-being of people and the community will be put in front of monetary return.  Improvements in our effect on people’s lives and the environment will always be sought and given high priority.