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Custom hi-vis workwear is an essential part of work uniforms across many industries. Not only do you need hi-vis apparel to meet safety requirements on job sites, but it is also a valuable safety component in many other situations.

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What is Hi-Vis Workwear?

Hi-vis workwear is essentially clothing that has high visibility properties. It is often made from reflective materials and in colours that are easily discernible from the background. Not only does hi-vis clothing improve safety, but it can also reduce the likelihood of workplace injuries.

And it’s not just used in the construction industry, hi-vis clothing is also a particularly important part of staff uniforms in events, security, emergency response and for people working at night. It helps people easily identify the people they need to know and who they can turn to for help. That's why branded workwear, like hi-vis vests and polo shirts are mandatory for safety purposes. Today there are several hi-vis options businesses can choose from, such as:

Hi-Vis Workwear And The Law

Hi-vis clothing is mandatory under Australian law. Every construction site must have a high visibility policy in place for both staff and public safety.

Even though we can't completely prevent accidents, we must ensure precautions are taken to avoid them. Hi-vis clothing is a simple solution and has been proven to be effective in many potentially harmful situations.

The introduction of the 1974 health and safety at work act put legal safeguards on many high-risk work environments. Following the introduction of the act, businesses introduced personalised fluro vests and custom hi-vis workwear. As a bonus, companies can have their business logo printed on the apparel with customised hi-vis workwear.

Additionally, since the Sex Discrimination Act was inducted in 1984, there has been a rise in the need for women's hi-vis workwear. Proper-fitting women's high-visibility workwear is essential for both functionality and safety.

The Benefits Of Hi-Vis Apparel

As the name suggests, hi-vis clothing gives you greater visibility to the people around you. While this is imperative for night-time activities such as bike riding, hi-visibility clothing and products are also indispensable in the workplace.

Here are a few reasons why custom hi-vis workwear in the workplace can keep people safe:

  • It makes you more visible to people on the road, especially if working at night

  • It makes you more visible in bad weather conditions like rain, hail, and blizzards

  • It stands out from "normal" clothing to keep staff visible

  • It reduces the chance of accidents by making everyone easier to see

  • It is easily recognisable by other staff members and colleagues

  • It is typically made from water and weather-resistant polyester materials to keep workers dry

  • It helps to quickly identify staff members that belong to your team in case of emergencies

Hi-Vis Safety Equipment

Wearing bright fluro colours and putting hi-vis items like reflective strips in place can show people who they can go to for help and which areas are unsafe to enter. Depending on the weather, the type of work, and your workplace, there are many high-visibility options for you to choose from.

Custom-Printed Hi-Vis Clothing

You won't often see a hi-vis work shirt, vest, hat, hoodie, or trousers without a company logo printed on the front to let you know who's on the job site.

While hi-vis workwear is mostly about keeping people safe, you can also use it to promote brand awareness, develop brand recognition and build a brand identity. When you have your company logo printed on a hi-vis work uniform, you're also promoting to the public that you are a company that takes safety seriously.

Where the occasion arises, custom hi-vis workwear can come in many forms, sizes, styles, and uses. And hi-vis clothing printed with a company logo isn't just for construction sites. Here are some other places you may find custom-printed hi-vis workwear useful:

  • Small and large events for event staff

  • Security personnel

  • Traffic police

  • Bike riding

  • Sports attendees in large sporting events

  • Medical emergency personnel

  • And more

The goal is to get you seen by people that need to see you.

For example, if you work at a large-scale music event as an event staff member, when you wear custom-printed hi-vis workwear with the event company's logo printed on the garment, people know they can come to you should they have any questions.

Another example is when you wear hi-vis branded workwear on the job site. People know that you belong to their team. They can look out for you as well as rely on you.

Improve Your Company’s Safety With Hi-Vis Apparel

With so many hi-visibility options available today for men, women, and children, you can get your safety measures up to scratch in no time.

Ready to order your custom hi-vis workwear? Speak to our friendly team today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have women’s hi-vis workwear?

We have a range of custom hi-vis clothing to suit men, women and children. Most of our hi-vis selection comes in a uni-sex design for both men and women. To suit all genders, body types, and preferences, sizes come from 2xs to 7xl.

Is it mandatory to wear hi-vis workwear on job sites?

The Australian government has made it mandatory for all workers on a construction site to wear hi-visibility clothing. As a company, you can decide if that means hi-vis vests, jackets, or t-shirts. Whatever your choice, workers must wear hi-vis clothing at all times to remain within the legal parameters of Australian law.

How will you print my logo on hi-vis workwear?

We use several printing techniques to get your business logo printed onto our merchandise for promotional and marketing use. Embroidery, screen print and digital transfers work best for most hi-vis clothing materials. Please speak to us to find out more about optional branding methods.

Can my order have men's and ladies' sizes?

Yes, you can order hi-vis clothing for men, women and children in your order as long as the design and logo are the same for all. Before placing the order, please contact the team to let us know your preferences.

What hi-vis colours do you have?

The most effective hi-vis colours for your custom hi-vis workwear are fluro green, yellow and orange with or without reflective tape. We stock all of these options ready for custom printing.