Opportunities For Disadvantaged People

Including Aboriginals & People With A Disability

"If we simply considered whether a disadvantaged person could fill a role with equal or better effect before filling any position, this would have a massive positive impact to unemployment with no detriment to businesses"

– Guy Dawson, CEO

Our Policy


We encourage disadvantaged people to apply for all available positions in Payless Promotions. When shortlisting candidates for interview we aim to include at least one disadvantaged person. Upon final selection if a disadvantaged person judged to be equal to another applicant, we give priority to the disadvantaged person.

Other Opportunities

Our organisation, and all staff including senior management make ourselves as available as possible for providing assistance to disadvantaged people. This includes work experience, placement, mentoring, workshops, and panels. We work with Ladder who suggest how we can best help and provide candidates for us.

Indirect Measures

When choosing suppliers or contractors we consider if there are any Social Enterprises or Aboriginal Enterprises that can conduct the work. If so, these organisations are given priority. If not, we will consider the policies of the suppliers and give priority to those that are proactive in inclusive employment.

Who Are Disadvantaged People?

Disadvantaged people in Australia include:

Aboriginals & Torres Straight Islanders

Disabled People

New Arrivals / Refugees

Homeless Youth

The Elderly