About Us - The Payless Promotions Story

The Beginning

Payless Promotions was founded in the year 2000 by current CEO Guy Dawson. Back in these days he alone was responsible for all admin work, artwork, accounts, and even printing on the single machine Guy used to print pens and keyrings to wholesale to other printers. Heating and air conditioning were luxuries Payless Promotions could not afford in these early days!

Right from the beginning Guy had a laser-like focus on delivering a high level of customer service and quality products. This focus is still firmly embedded into the Payless Promotions culture. Over time Guy added staff and eventually formed departments to cater to growing demand and workload.

The Game-Changer

This website was built in 2004 and initiated a period of accelerated growth for Payless Promotions. It seemed a wider audience had been the missing ingredient widening the gap between where Payless Promotions were and where they wanted to be. During this period Payless Promotions worked hard at the delicate balance between encouraging growth while maintaining quality. The website has since been made-over, revamped and re-launched a number of times and no doubt will continue to do so as the pursuit towards improvement and growth continues.


Payless Promotions are fortunate to have grown every year since their beginning in the year 2000, including through a global financial crisis. Mistakes were made along the way but their focus on customer service and quality standards never wained and is reflected today through product offerings and communication. They now benefit from the expertise of 23 staff (at the time of writing) with almost 100 years of combined experience.

The Payless Promotions brand is now recognisable to many businesses, clubs, schools & universities, government organisations and shires. The knowledge gained from the successes and failures of building their own Australian brand is engrained in much of Payless Promotions advice to other growing businesses.

The Future

There is massive room for further improvement, and the Payless team strive to continually better products, service and systems.

Two key goals are the focus of their energies:

  • To continually provide relevant, effective and price-competitive branded uniform and merchandise solutions to Australian organisations
  • To offer organisations cost-effective, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible solutions to their branded uniform and merchandise requirements

Our Dream

Our dream is to significantly contribute to growing brands within Australia.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen the brand perception of Australian organisations by providing easy and affordable branded uniform and merchandise solutions.

Our Desired Culture

Our company culture not only defines who we are but also provides the energy and the focus to drive us towards our dream.

Our culture fosters individuals within our organisation to excel while working with our team and our clients to improve the brand recognition and perception of our clients' brand and our own.

Our Core Values

  • Improve the day of everyone we interact with on every interaction
  • Have fun, and influence others to do so - Be happy, quirky, funny - Sing
  • Strengthen our brand with every interaction
  • Build and strengthen relationships at every opportunity
  • Surprise with random acts of kindness, gratuity and entertainment
  • Pursue and encourage growth & learning, developing rather than criticising
  • Simplify our offerings
  • Be proud of what we have already achieved, while we actively improve to evolve
  • Be accountable and solution orientated, to build a better organization leading the way
  • Care for our planet and everything on it
  • Test, measure & improve
  • Over-communicate over deliver, to the right person at the right time
  • Ensure outcomes are always best for the business and develop us into global leaders

Testimonials - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly