About Us - The Payless Promotions Story

The Beginning

Payless Promotions was founded in the year 2000 by current CEO Guy Dawson. Back in these days just one person (Guy) was responsible for all administration work, artwork, accounts, and even printing on the single machine Guy used to print pens and key rings. Heating and air conditioning was a luxury Payless Promotions could not afford in these early days!

However, right from the beginning Guy had a single-minded focus on delivering quality products, on time, at great prices. It was this focus that fuelled the growth of Payless Promotions. Over time Guy added staff and eventually formed departments to manage work and ensure quality in all aspects of the business.


The Website

This website was first established in 2004. This initiated a period of massive growth for Payless Promotions. Once a wider audience had access to Payless Promotions we found they loved our low prices and reliable service. During this period Payless Promotions fast established ourselves as Australia’s market leader in low cost promotional products and uniforms.



Payless Promotions are proud to boast growth in every year of our existence, including through a global financial crisis. We now have decades of experience amongst our team and proven systems for handling the huge workload we have built up to.

We are the preferred supplier of many of Australia’s most successful enterprises, small businesses, schools & universities, government organisations & shires and industrial and mining groups.


The Future

While we continue to grow and improve, we recognise that there is massive room for further improvement and we strive to continually better our products, service and systems. 

Moving forward we have two key goals we are striving towards:

  1. To continue to improve our product offerings and methods of supplying outstanding service through imaginative use of technology.
  2. To offer organisations easy and cost effective environmentally sustainable and socially friendly solutions to their uniform and promotional product requirements.

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