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Get the best results from your workouts with custom workout shorts from Payless Promotions. Clothes that allow you to perform at your utmost level while looking good are bound to do that – boost confidence and workout intensity. Use them as personal or uniform running shorts, printed with your logo. You can avail of cheap premium quality sportswear from the preferred provider in Australia, Payless Promotions.

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  1. ST711K Kids Circuit Custom Sports Shorts

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $16.81
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Win or lose, you know you look great in club sports shorts by Payless Promotions. We are the preferred supplier of embroidered team shorts in Australia. Our personalised sportswear is guaranteed to give you top performance quality and durability, while looking good on tracks, fields and trails. Buy your branded wear online cheap – check out our promo items today.

You can’t go wrong with custom sports shorts by Payless Promotions. Whether your goal is to get fit, maintain your figure or simply to just strut about looking hot, you’re on your way towards it with our embroidered workout shorts.

Get your branded running shorts personalised with your club logo and distinguish your team from the rest. With these shorts as uniform, your message is clear. You have come to win games and hearts!

Get your shorts from the leading provider of promo products and clothing in Australia. Payless Promotions is invested in making Sydney and Melbourne gyms, sports fields and running trails as sexy as possible. Same with Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and other regions – we want you to get back on track when it comes to your health. If it will take top quality shorts to do this, then you can have it! Premium quality shorts that are available to you at cheap bulk rates – only from Payless Promotions !

Buy online today and take advantage of our dropped-down rates. For more details, please get in touch with us via our website or hotline. A customer service manager is always available to respond to your queries and follow-ups. We look forward to hearing from you!