Custom Varsity Jackets Fit for An All-Australian

Have you been asked to organise leaving jackets for your school year? Or are you in charge of sorting jackets for a tour? Sick of the popular girls demanding extra accessories or the boring guys refusing to pay for something that isn’t beige? Well here at Payless Promotions, we think we have all the answers! With a range of styles and colours available, our custom varsity jackets will keep everyone happy! Get everyone off your back by giving us a call today to place an order or to ask any questions you may have.

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Whether it's for your business advertising, or team and personal customised wear needs, always go with the choice supplier of imprinted promo products in Australia, Payless Promotions. We provide premium quality stylish personalised varsity jackets, designed for comfort and durability. Buy online today and avail of amazing deals you won't anywhere else.

Reach out to present, past and very distant past university boys (and yes, even girls) with custom varsity jackets by Payless Promotions. Nothing beats the nostalgia of our university years. You don’t have to play in varsity teams to want to wear personalised baseball jackets. These customised jackets are symbols of learning and freedom. They remind us of a time when we felt like we can achieve anything we set our hearts on.

When you’re in the market for branded letterman jackets – perhaps for your advertising efforts or to just have imprinted with your business logo – buy online from the leading provider of promo wear in Australia, Payless Promotions. We provide premium wear that’s cheap and high quality all over the country. In Sydney and Melbourne, businesses have aligned themselves with the spirit of university living through our products. In Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and other regions as well, private entities are reach out to the young collegiate crowd through our promo clothing.

Check out our web shop to see why we lead. Our products and our price ranges will surprise you. You won’t find deals like ours anywhere else!

Get in touch with us today to talk about your requirements. A customer support manager is always available for your queries and order follow-ups.