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    A59510 Ladies Varesa Embroidered Cardigans With Infection Control

    Matching Fits:
    Wool Blend

    QTY. 6 (Min) 12 25 50 100 250
    PRICE $116.55 $104.12 $96.14 $89.71 $83.21 $78.09
    6 (Min) $116.55
    12 $104.12
    25 $96.14
    50 $89.71
    100 $83.21
    250 $78.09

    Casual and comfort mix together perfectly in these customised cardigans from the Payless Promotions collection. Get them as corporate uniform or as casual wear. You'd absolutely win attention, and impress!

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    M9602 Ladies 100% Merino Wool Branded Cardigans

    Matching Fits:

    QTY. 3 (Min) 6 12 25 50 100
    PRICE $105.79 $93.56 $76.95 $63.44 $58.56 $54.27
    3 (Min) $105.79
    6 $93.56
    12 $76.95
    25 $63.44
    50 $58.56
    100 $54.27

    Dressing up for work has never been so easy with Payless Promotions' corporate cardigans. Impress with your customised jackets, made from 100% Merino wool. Our button-through work wear is definitely what profe...More

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    LC417L Ladies Milano Promotional Cardigans

    Wool Blend

    QTY. 6 (Min) 12 25 50 100 250
    PRICE $86.62 $76.76 $68.27 $64.04 $59.91 $54.97
    6 (Min) $86.62
    12 $76.76
    25 $68.27
    50 $64.04
    100 $59.91
    250 $54.97

    No matter what the weather brings, you won’t have to worry. You’ll always look hot in these custom cardigans from Fashion Biz! You’ve love how this work wear easily mixes comfort, durability and style. ...More

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    LC131LL Ladies Origin Merino Printed Cardigans

    Merino Wool

    QTY. 6 (Min) 12 25 50 100 250
    PRICE $113.92 $101.65 $93.31 $87.01 $80.69 $75.72
    6 (Min) $113.92
    12 $101.65
    25 $93.31
    50 $87.01
    100 $80.69
    250 $75.72

    Look hot even as the weather gets a bit cooler in these branded cardigans from the Payless Promotions collection. Made from premium materials, these work uniforms feel and look great! Get them online today an...More

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    LC3505 Ladies 2-Way Zip Printed Cardigans

    Viscose Rich

    QTY. 6 (Min) 12 25 50 100 250
    PRICE $82.07 $73.93 $65.55 $61.12 $57.02 $52.44
    6 (Min) $82.07
    12 $73.93
    25 $65.55
    50 $61.12
    100 $57.02
    250 $52.44

    Durable, comfortable and fashionable, these personalised cardigans are must-haves! Get them as work wear, and ensure great-looking comfortable and stylish work crews. Buy these today and avail of big savings ...More

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Your corporate cardigans don't need to look drab and uninteresting. Choose custom wear from Payless Promotions, and look great in your business wear! We are the leading supplier of cheap high quality promo wear in Australia. Have us on your side for all your uniform needs. Rest assured that your team will always look good and impress your customers and prospects!

Something as everyday as embroidered cardigans can actually do wonders for your marketing. Get these customised wear, branded with your logo, and impress your target market. Exude quality and good taste just by wearing your personalised wear. For all your promo items requirements, choose the leading online provider of cheap high quality products in Australia, Payless Promotions.

When casual and chic got together, they created embroidered cardigans – well… at least, that’s the way we imagine it! Payless Promotions provides you with stylish and comfortable custom sweaters at cheap discounted rates!

Corporate sweaters, customised with your business logo, add chic to your image. It is a great way to class up your team and your office, without using much of your budget. Our personalised sweaters have made men and women across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane look good, effortlessly. Not far behind are our clients in Perth, Adelaide and other regions. We provide Australia with top quality branded sweaters that are stylish, comfortable and durable. Because of our bulk pricing, you can buy these at jaw-dropping rates

Talk to our team today about your style goals. We can help you and your crew look awesome – even when you’re on a budget!

Call our hotline today for more information on what we offer. You may also reach out to us over live web site. One of our customer support managers will be online to respond to your queries. If you’ve got time to spare, email us or use our web form. We respond to email or form mail queries within 24 hours.

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