Connect to Your Customers With Our Custom Printed USB Flash Drives

Plug into untapped marketing potential with our custom USB drives. Connect with your customers by customising your logo onto our USB drives. Give your staff more space to save their important work whilst also promoting your business, it really is a win-win situation. Our promotional memory sticks come in a range of sizes so even your most productive employee will have enough space to work with. Let our USB's become one of your USP's!

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  1. U03-4G-2.0 4 Gig Credit Card Logo USB Sticks 2.0

    Full Colour Branding

    From $5.42
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As a marketing item, custom USB drives with your logo on them remind your clientele about your business’ accessibility and helpfulness. Just imagine: your business, your logo, and these useful promotional items. It is simply the easiest way to identify your business with everything your client wants.

Add these to your marketing arsenal and see the difference they make. You can either use these as items-for-sale or giveaways. However you use them, your clients will surely want your merchandise. Really – one can’t get enough of these USB drives. There is always good use for them.

Choose the best for your needs. The Payless Promotions collection offers several options when it comes to these customised USB drives. If you’re using them as giveaways, then drives with less memory will do. After all, you’re still giving away digital memory. From the consumer standpoint, any free memory is good, and appreciated. On the other hand, if you intend to sell these promo items, then the higher the memory, the better it is for your target market.

So, wherever your market is in Australia, get them these promotional items, and surely, your renown is going to reach the far corners of Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Heck, these items are likely to also make it to the outback and the Great Barrier Reef (well, just along the shores, okay?)

Promote your business today with these products. Get them from the best online source for top quality affordable promo goods. Payless Promotions has been the country’s go-to resource whenever individuals and businesses want to effectively reach out to their markets.

Get in touch with us today, and see for yourself. Experience how quality affordable goods are surefire ways of reaching out to your target audience and succeeding in getting your message across. We look forward to working with you!