Show your appreciation with custom corporate gifts

Keep the excitement up at the office with corporate promotional gifts from Payless Promotions. Who wouldn't love a token of appreciation that's top quality and durable? Personalised business gifts can be used as staff rewards or for advertising products. Either way, these custom giveaways are an excellent way to communicate the importance you place on value-added service.

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  1. P-122 Napoli Click Action Metal Custom Pens
    48 Hour Dispatch (T&C apply)
  2. F440 Edison Push Action Metal Promo Pens
    48 Hour Dispatch (T&C apply)
  3. RB1018 Standard Long Handle Promotional Calico Bags 660mm Handle - (38cm x 42cm)
    48 Hour Dispatch (T&C apply)
  4. M21 475ml Director Stainless Steel Custom Travel Mugs

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $2.78
  5. P346 Metallic Mykonos Branded Pens
    48 Hour Dispatch (T&C apply)
  6. F441 Thomas Push Action Metal Custom Pens
    48 Hour Dispatch (T&C apply)
  7. S960M 350ml Java Drop Stainless Steel Custom Travel Cups
    48 Hour Dispatch (T&C apply)
  8. A4058 Anello Circular Promotional Metal Key Rings
    48 Hour Dispatch (T&C apply)
    A4058 Anello Circular Promotional Metal Key Rings

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $2.13
  9. MN450SS Boutique Custom Drink Bottles - 450ml
    Aus Made
    5 Day Dispatch (T&C apply)
  10. RB1019 Shopping Printed Calico Bags With Gusset - (38cm x 42cm)
    48 Hour Dispatch (T&C apply)
    RB1019 Shopping Printed Calico Bags With Gusset - (38cm x 42cm)

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $3.11
  11. H710 Hyper-Evaporative Imprinted Cooling Towels
    48 Hour Dispatch (T&C apply)
  12. K19 Circular Custom Metal Keyrings With Gift Box

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $1.79
  13. 112380 Anti-Stress Puzzle Promotional Plastic Key Rings

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $0.76
  14. B11 Long Handle Promotional Canvas Bags - (38cm x 42.5cm)

    Available In This Colour Only

    From $2.42
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Give Sincere Thanks With Custom Corporate Gifts

Promotional corporate gifts go beyond being staff rewards or advertising products. They are more than just personalised items that are given away or sold. Corporate gifts represent what you stand for as a business. After all, you surely want anything imprinted with your brand logo to be of the highest quality.

Our massive range of custom corporate gifts will undoubtedly suit your requirements. From fridge magnets and custom keyrings to portable speakers and wine glasses, we have something for everyone.

At Payless Promotions, we guarantee high-quality custom items. We are the leading manufacturer of promotional corporate gifts across Australia.

Our personalised corporate gifts range is not limited to cheap, everyday items such as custom water bottles, coffee mugs, lanyards and many more.

We also carry a premium range of corporate gift products, including picnic sets that double as backpacks, stainless steel pens and umbrellas. We have partnered with big brand names such as Nike, CamelBak and Skullcandy for your custom corporate gifting needs.

We have eco-friendly bamboo pens, keep cups, and cheese boards for the environmentally conscious crowd.

Is your company enjoying a banner year in sales? Have you acquired some big new clients thanks to the hard work of your staff? What better way to ensure their efforts are acknowledged and rewarded than with a custom corporate gift? It's always a great idea to give back to those who have shown loyalty to your business.

These days company culture is more important than anything. Employees want to know that they are contributing positively to their company and that they matter. Custom corporate gifts are the perfect way to show them the value they add to your business and help increase staff retention.

Promote well-being and send a positive message to your employees by showing that they are appreciated. Associate your brand message with generosity and gift-giving.

Author Dale Carnegie famously highlighted the importance of referring to a person by name. Using someone's name leaves a positive impression and makes them feel valued and noticed. Go one step further by giving it that personal touch. See this interesting phenomenon in action when you hand your clients or employees a custom corporate gift with their name printed on it (along with your company logo so they can remember where it came from, of course!)

Encourage healthy competition by running a contest with a fun and practical corporate gift as the prize for the winning team. Offering an incentive is a great way to incorporate work and fun and perhaps even achieve results you've never seen before from your employees.

Don't forget about your current and prospective clients either. A well-timed gift adorned with your brand's logo can bring your company to the front of their minds. Promotional corporate gifts help to encourage existing clients to continue giving you their valued business. They can also entice prospects into becoming new clients. Or, if you've just acquired a new client, a token of appreciation in the form of a custom corporate gift will confirm to them that they made the right choice by signing on with your company.

Make your promotional gifts a yearly bonus during the holiday season that your clients and employees can look forward to with anticipation. Or surprise them with a corporate gift when they aren't expecting it. Who doesn't love a surprise?

Giving and receiving gifts is both a powerful and humbling experience. It fosters a genuine connection and bond between the giver and receiver. Gift-giving is a highly effective way to make a great impression on another person or business.

Payless Promotions has built a reputable business that enables companies like yours to represent themselves in the best way possible. Whether you sell these items or give them away as business gifts, you can rest assured that your recipients will associate you with premium quality and good taste.

Payless Promotions Is Your Trusted Source For Personalised Corporate Gifts In Australia

We are the leading provider of printed giveaways and promotional products in Australia. Our roster of satisfied clients can attest to this. And this takes us practically everywhere! You can find our products in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. And we go further still, with a formidable presence in the markets of Perth, Adelaide and every nook and cranny of the country.

We put together the best ideas from your team and ours. We collaborate with you in developing popular corporate gifts that will truly represent your company. Order from us online, and we'll get to work on providing you with perfect promotional gifts.

And worry not – this is comparatively cheap because you buy in bulk. Payless Promotions is the team you can rely on for quality, durability and affordability. We place a premium on value-for-money and continually strive to provide the best deals for our clients.

Talk to one of our customer support managers about your business gift requirements. We surely have something tailor-suited for you, your crew and your customers. Payless Promotions provides you with the best and most affordable options in the industry. Call us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits Of Sending Out Custom Corporate Gifts?

There are many benefits to branded corporate gifts. They are two-fold in that they allow you to show appreciation for your team, partners or clients whilst promoting your brand simultaneously. You can opt for a practical item that can be used around the office or treat them with a gift that can be used elsewhere in their own time.

What Are Your Best-Selling Or Most Popular Corporate Gifts?

Not sure which corporate gift to choose? With such an extensive range, we know it can be tricky to make a choice.

Our best-selling branded corporate gifts from our everyday items range include:

  • Pens. They are the quintessential stationery item that always comes in handy. We stock a range of everyday and premium pens that are highly attractive with the bonus of being functional.
  • Keytags and keyrings. Keep your business close to an item that everyone has: keys. These are cost-effective gifts that come in various materials, including wood, plastic and leather.
  • Caps. A fun and fashionable gift, check out our golf caps, trucker caps, snapbacks, and more.
  • Coffee mugs. Whether you drink your daily cup of joe out of it or use it as a pencil holder for your desk, mugs are a great corporate gift.
  • Wine glasses. They make a thoughtful and valuable business gift for the wine-lovers in your business.
  • Drink bottles. We have a wide range of drink bottles in every size and material you could possibly need.

Some of the most popular corporate gifts from our premium range include:

  • Backpack picnic sets. They are the perfect choice to accompany your team outdoors in summer. These sets are practical, with many different compartments for all your picnic needs. Use them on day trips or camping, or bring them to the beach.
  • Bluetooth speakers or headphones. These gadgets are helpful not only at the office to boost concentration and increase productivity but at home or the gym during a workout. They are well-received by tech and music lovers alike. Choose from noise-cancelling headphones or wireless earphones.
  • Corporate umbrellas. They are a great gift to give during the colder months when dreary weather makes it harder for people to come into the office. Keep your clients and staff dry with our large umbrellas. Made from premium materials, including aluminium-steel and metal, they are a sure-fire winner.

I Need My Personalised Corporate Gifts Quickly. Can I Make A Rush Order?

We have an express dispatch service; however, this depends on our product team's workload. Chat to a friendly team member to confirm express dispatch availability on the corporate gifts you require when ordering.

What Are The Different Branding Methods Available On Your Custom Corporate Gifts?

Branding methods depend on the item you have selected. Below are some of our most popular branding methods for personalised corporate gifts:

  • Pad printing: The best method for printing on uneven or curved items.
  • Digital printing: Dries instantly so products can be shipped immediately.
  • Laser engraving: A permanent branding method as the engraving becomes part of the product's surface.

You can find out more information about the different branding methods here.