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Deck your best club players with branded basketball shorts printed with your logo. These personalised shorts are crucial to their game. They work as hard, taking the hits, tumbles and missed shots of the game. Choose Payless Promotions, the leading name in Australia, for cheap high quality wear that you can rely on. Check out our online store and buy yours today.

When your team or club plays a mean game of basketball, they need custom basketball shorts that won’t quit! Choose uniform shorts from the leading name in promo products in Australia, Payless Promotions!

Whoever you’re playing with or wherever you’re playing – be it Perth, Sydney or Adelaide – your customised sports wear will always be a factor in how you perform. Take the game to Brisbane, Melbourne or anywhere else in the country, the skills and experience of your athletes are affected by their branded basketball team shorts. You need to make sure that you’ve got your logo printed on pairs of personalised shorts that do your athletes justice! Your shorts have to be comfortable, durable and light. They need to made from the best materials because your athletes will be relying on them heavily.

The great news is that you can buy quality sports wear at cheap bulk rates from Payless Promotions’s online shop. Look around and our deals are simply phenomenal. You won’t anything similar elsewhere.

See for yourself and then talk to us if you need more information. Our team of customer service managers are available 24/7 via our hotline and web chat channels. You can also leave us a note via web form or email.