Custom Printed Luggage Tags

Take out the stress in travel, one tag at a time! These personalised luggage tags ensure an easier time at airport baggage claim areas, bus terminals or practically anywhere you go to. Make your bag stand out in an awesome way! Luggage bags, especially those for long distance trips, are hard to tell apart. They’re almost always black. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of black bags. Find yours easily with branded tags from the Payless Promotions collection. Just go spot the bags with the most awesome luggage tags!

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You can use these tags as items for-sale. They work best for businesses and organisations that are into sports, travel and bag accessories. Or, why not give your clients and prospects a gift to remember you by? Bag tags go with your clients everywhere. Have your brand logo on these, and you get to go everywhere to!

Get these from the leader in promotional items in Australia. We have provided businesses, organisations and individuals in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne with top quality durable merchandise that connect with their client base. Likewise, we have been the preferred marketing partner in Adelaide, Brisbane and the rest of the country.

For us, it’s all about consistently coming out with products and services that people would actually love to use. These tags are just some of them – simple and affordable, yet useful and all-around.

Get them today and enjoy discounted rates when you buy in bulk. Have your logo printed on these, as well as your brand and tagline. Use them as products for-sale or as giveaways.

Give us a call today and tell us more about your requirements. A customer service manager is available for your queries during office hours. Or, shoot us an email and we will respond within 24 hours. Chat with our online crew and get your answers right away, 24/7. We look forward to hearing from you!