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    L-289 Custom Classic LED Torch Keytags With Bottle Opener


    QTY. 250 (Min) 500 1000 2500 5000 10000
    PRICE $1.36 $1.31 $1.23 $1.08 $1.03 $0.97
    250 (Min) $1.36
    500 $1.31
    1000 $1.23
    2500 $1.08
    5000 $1.03
    10000 $0.97

    Get organised and be safe. These personalised torch keyrings really come in handy for everyday and emergency needs. Buy these today from the leading name in printed promotional products. At Payless Promotions...More

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    K60 Printed Rectangular LED Torch Keytags


    QTY. 101 (Min) 251 501 1001 2501 5001
    PRICE $1.60 $1.47 $1.28 $1.17 $1.00 $0.94
    101 (Min) $1.60
    251 $1.47
    501 $1.28
    1001 $1.17
    2501 $1.00
    5001 $0.94

    For engraved keyrings that also lead you out of the dark, these are tops in your choices! These custom metal keyrings are functional, versatile and mobile. You won't need anything else when you're headed for ad...More

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    K-133 Promotional Turbo Rectangular LED Torch Keytags With White Light


    QTY. 150 (Min) 250 500 1000 2500 5000
    PRICE $1.38 $1.38 $1.33 $1.25 $1.09 $1.04
    150 (Min) $1.38
    250 $1.38
    500 $1.33
    1000 $1.25
    2500 $1.09
    5000 $1.04

    Convenience means having your light and your key organiser too! Get these awesome promotional torch keyrings today. Enjoy these printed promo items at cheap rates when you purchase from Payless Promotions.

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    K59 Personalised LED Torch Keyrings With Bottle Opener


    QTY. 101 (Min) 251 501 1001 2501 5001
    PRICE $1.73 $1.60 $1.42 $1.28 $1.08 $1.02
    101 (Min) $1.73
    251 $1.60
    501 $1.42
    1001 $1.28
    2501 $1.08
    5001 $1.02

    When you're looking for multi-purpose custom torch keyrings, these are the printed keyrings for you! Where else can you find a key organiser, torch and bottle opener rolled into one nifty accessories?! Go ahead...More

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    L-340 Promotional Aluminium Flashlights With Split Ring


    QTY. 100 (Min) 250 500 1000 2500 5000
    PRICE $2.63 $2.52 $2.37 $2.26 $2.05 $1.93
    100 (Min) $2.63
    250 $2.52
    500 $2.37
    1000 $2.26
    2500 $2.05
    5000 $1.93

    Be ready for anything. Make sure you have these promotional flashlights on your side. Payless Promotions offers you these quality printed promo products at cheap affordable rates. Get these today and stay saf...More

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    L-712 Custom Triple LED Torch Key Rings With Bottle Opener


    QTY. 100 (Min) 250 500 1000 2500 5000
    PRICE $3.03 $2.86 $2.70 $2.58 $2.32 $2.19
    100 (Min) $3.03
    250 $2.86
    500 $2.70
    1000 $2.58
    2500 $2.32
    5000 $2.19

    Nothing beats these printed torch keyrings from Payless Promotions when it comes to convenience. Get organised and be ready for emergencies with these promotional corporate gifts. Purchase online today to enj...More

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Learn About Torch Keyrings

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Our personalised torch key rings are not just cool collectible keyrings. Our custom torch key tags are functional too – must-haves for a clientele of active men and women who may find themselves out in the dark every so often. Get your promotional torch keytags at cheap discounted rates from the leading provider in Australia, Payless Promotions.

Get your branded torch keyrings customised with your logo. As give-aways or gifts, your engraved torch key tags keep you in the minds – and pockets – of your target audience. Get your imprinted promo products from the leading online supplier in Australia, Payless Promotions. Enjoy cheap discounted rates and premium quality on all our products.

Multi-purpose custom keyrings are just amazing! You get to organise your keys, for one thing. Then, you get a flashlight, bottle opener, or even a USB flash drive. Next thing you know, you can get your customised keytags with built-in phones!

But, since that might be a decade away, let’s light things up for now! Gift your loyal clients and prospects with promotional torch keyrings from Payless Promotions!

Circumstances can leave us out in the dark sometimes. In these situations, it really helps to have personalised torch key rings handy. And, since they’re keyrings, all you need to do is reach into your pockets or purses for them! How convenient is that?! So, if you’re stuck out in the dark in Sydney, Perth or Brisbane, reach for your branded torch keytags. Did your car break down in the middle of nowhere in Melbourne, Adelaide or other regions, at night? Don’t worry. Just get your customised torch key tags out. (It helps to have some tools too, BTW.)

Get your engraved keytags imprinted with your logo cheap from the leading online source in Australia. Buy from us, and you are guaranteed the best quality at discounted bulk rates. Check out our web shop to see more of what we offer. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team for more information.