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  1. B2020 Team 56 Litre Winner Sporting Bags

    56.2 litres

    QTY. 6 (Min) 12 25 50 100 250
    PRICE $40.06 $33.86 $27.69 $24.62 $22.67 $20.52
    6 (Min) $40.06
    12 $33.86
    25 $27.69
    50 $24.62
    100 $22.67
    250 $20.52

    For that winning look, choose business bags from the Payless Promotions collection. These custom sporting bags offer convenience and durability. They look great too! Buy them today and enjoy amazing rates.

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    B2100 Team Canvas Sports Bags

    50 litres

    QTY. 6 (Min) 12 25 50 100 250
    PRICE $42.40 $35.84 $29.35 $26.16 $23.79 $21.62
    6 (Min) $42.40
    12 $35.84
    25 $29.35
    50 $26.16
    100 $23.79
    250 $21.62

    Play your sport and don't worry about your stuff - these customised sporting bags can take the heat! These promotional bags are made with the daily challenges of sports in mind. Win in Australia and elsewhere w...More

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    B2000 Embroidered 38 Litre Best & Fairest Sporting Bags

    67.8 litres

    QTY. 6 (Min) 12 25 50 100 250
    PRICE $30.70 $25.96 $21.62 $19.30 $17.25 $15.73
    6 (Min) $30.70
    12 $25.96
    25 $21.62
    50 $19.30
    100 $17.25
    250 $15.73

    Look like a winner even with just your personalised bags! These customised sporting bags are champions when it comes to durability, reliability and style. Get them online from our website at discounted rates.

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    D619 Custom Barrel Traveling Bags With Inside Pocket


    QTY. 25 (Min) 50 100 250 500 1000
    PRICE $27.01 $24.21 $22.02 $20.16 $18.46 $17.65
    25 (Min) $27.01
    50 $24.21
    100 $22.02
    250 $20.16
    500 $18.46
    1000 $17.65
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Learn About Travel Bags

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Let your brand and your message move into different spaces and places, and be seen by as many people as possible. How? Get custom traveling bags and have these customised with your message! Payless Promotions is the number one source of cheap top quality personalised products in Australia. Talk to us today about your marketing targets and we’ll help you out!

Corporate travel bags, printed with your logo, work great as promotional items. They help you reach out to more people in more places, and add to your brand’s recall value. We are the number one source of branded items in Australia and we can help you optimise your customer outreach efforts. Buy from us online to enjoy jaw-dropping prices on all our products.

Traveling in style does not mean you have to worry about your bag’s durability. Travel with customised travel bags by Payless Promotions and know the difference! Our bags look and perform best when on the road. These customised bags are made from the finest materials. They are durable; and can withstand the worst of the elements and the outdoors. They also look awesome. Get organised when you travel with premium quality personalised travel bags from the leading provider of promo items in Australia, Payless Promotions.

Have your corporate logo printed on these branded bags. Align your products and services with adventure and the outdoors. In Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, men and women are stepping out, toting their promotional bags by Payless Promotions, confident about facing their daily challenges. In Perth, Adelaide and other regions as well, our bags walk, climb and sail alongside the most active men and women. With premium quality guaranteed even at its cheap price, they can be confident that everything is in place. All they need to do is move!

Buy online today and avail of our discounted rates. Check out our web shop to see our extensive line of bags. For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team via chat, formmail or hotline.