Switch it up by choosing our custom hockey uniforms

Loft your team up the table with our range of custom branded hockey uniforms. Whether you’re buying for a professional team, university team or amateur team, we are guaranteed to have something your club will love. The club funds will also love our uniforms as you’ll be getting high quality uniforms for a very reasonable price. In summary, the treasurer will be happy, the team will be happy and you’ll be the hero. So call us today to ask any questions or place an order today.

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  1. TS1-M Sublimated Short Sleeve T-Shirt

    Full Colour Branding

    From $18.21
  2. S5-M Sublimated Muscle Cut Singlet

    Full Colour Branding

    From $17.77
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Some say that the toughest athletes are in hockey. They are the sport's most dedicated players. They are also likely lacking some teeth! True or not, you can find some of hockey's best players wearing custom hockey uniforms from Payless Promotions!

Our personalised hockey team uniforms have gone face to face with hockey's roughest and toughest players. These customised hockey club uniforms have faced down everything that the sport has to offer. We always stood our ground – as tough as the toughest players who wear our printed sports wear.

Wherever you are in Australia, choose the best embroidered sports wear, imprinted with our logo, for your team. Payless Promotions is the favourite partner of the best teams in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. We are also behind some of the winningest teams in Perth, Adelaide and other regions!

You can buy our branded promo clothing cheap. This does not mean we compromise on quality – we won't ever do that! Trust Payless Promotions for clothes that perform and win games!

For some samples of what we offer, please browse through our web store. Get touch with us online for product details and queries about your purchase. You can also give us a call through our hotline.