Promotional Golf Umbrellas - Your Brand Looking Amazing

Play your favourite sport, rain or shine, with custom golf umbrellas by Payless Promotions! Whether it’s for business or pleasure, your round of golf will never be derailed by weather again – unless, of course, you’re facing a hurricane (in which case, we suggest going home with your umbrellas). Get these promotional items cheap from the leading name in Australia, Payless Promotions.

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3 Simple Steps To Avoiding Disaster When Buying Corporate Golf Umbrellas
If your clientele are golf players, then you are in the right business - generally, golfers from a good socio-demographic have a generous amount of disposable income, and are very keen to “Keep up with Jones’.” ...(more)

Use your branded golf umbrellas for advertising! Have them printed with your corporate logo and reach out to other business executives who spend their leisure time playing golf. Buy your premium quality umbrellas at cheap affordable rates from the online leader in Australia, Payless Promotions. Get in touch with us today!

Rain or shine, golf or no golf, you’d love custom golf umbrellas by Payless Promotions! You can always use an umbrella, right? Of course, nothing beats a round of golf, even on hot sunny days. In which case, this corporate umbrella is perfect!

Reach out to fellow business owners and managers. Have your logo printed on branded umbrellas and they work as advertising for you. Even when you’re too busy for the game, your umbrellas are out there, connecting with your ideal audience in golf courses in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Expand to Perth, Adelaide and other regions too, while you’re at it. Golf is a popular sport all over Australia. You win when you invest in promotional umbrellas for your company.

You can get this cheap from Payless Promotions, the leading name in promo products. With premium quality guaranteed, you’d be surprised at how affordable they are at their bulk price. Buy today and see for yourself.

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