Custom Printed First Aid Sets Online

  1. Available In This Colour Only

    H680 22 Piece Custom First Aid Kits In Travel Bag

    QTY. 100 (Min) 250 500 1000 2500 5000
    PRICE $4.11 $3.89 $3.64 $3.49 $3.04 $2.90
    100 (Min) $4.11
    250 $3.89
    500 $3.64
    1000 $3.49
    2500 $3.04
    5000 $2.90

    Equip your emergency pack with these personalised first aid kits from Payless Promotions. These custom promo products come with your emergency necessities. Get them at low rates from our web shop today.

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  2. Available In This Colour Only

    H681 13 Piece Corporate First Aid Kits In Travel Bag

    QTY. 100 (Min) 250 500 1000 2500 5000
    PRICE $3.26 $3.07 $2.90 $2.75 $2.49 $2.36
    100 (Min) $3.26
    250 $3.07
    500 $2.90
    1000 $2.75
    2500 $2.49
    5000 $2.36

    Be prepared for anything. Get these custom first aid kits today. Payless Promotions has put together emergency essentials for you. Buy these personalised promo items at dropped down rates.

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Your choice of custom first aid kits is never going to be about style, color or feel. It is not your typical buy here at Payless Promotions, and we understand it. That’s how it is supposed to be, in the first place.

When you pick out your branded first aid kits, it should be about function, completeness and mobility. Your kits should contain the essentials that you need to assist in sustaining life. This includes the usual bandages, antibacterial medicine, smelling salt, pain relievers and the like. What your kits contain – or miss out on – can mean the difference to a person in need.

In the same way, what we offer you allows you to bring your kits where you need to be. Mobility and ease of movement are essential when it comes to branded first aid kits. You wouldn’t want to burden your first responders with heavy gear, right? Plus, you can choose kits that you can easily bring with you on the road. That’s always a plus!

Rely on Payless Promotions to bring you custom first aid kits that you can trust. We put together premium brands in safety and aid. We want you to feel secure in your purchase. After all, lives depend on your emergency kit. You need to be guaranteed that you have what you need. We want you to truly make a positive difference in times of emergencies.

Get these emergency kits for your team, business or yourself. Your home, office or group trip isn’t complete with them. Guarantee your safety, and rest assured that you are always ready to respond to unexpected situations.

Feel secure when traveling alone. With these custom emergency kits, you know you don’t need to rely on anyone else if you find yourself in medical trouble. Explore all that Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide have to offer, on your own. Set out in the massive enclaves of Melbourne and Sydney. Move with confidence. You’ve got your branded first aid kits with you.

Get these at big discounts when you make your purchase from us today. Payless Promotions is the leading name in promo goods. We offer you products with quality and affordability guaranteed. You can find exclusive deals at our shop – bulk pricing that you won’t find elsewhere online!

Contact us today and tell us about your requirements. We try our best to provide you with the best products for your budget. You can should us an email or call during office hours. Or, why not chat with our customer support officers through our websites. We’d be happy to assist you with your orders.

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