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Payless Promotions are committed to protecting your privacy.

Payless Promotions recognises and accepts our responsibility to protect your privacy.  Payless Promotions takes all reasonable measures and use the up-to-date technology to protect your sensitive information.

  1. No information provided to Payless Promotions will be shared or sold to third parties
  2. We use technology that we feel is the most modern and appropriate for protecting your personal information from un-authorised users.

 1. Notice

We will make is clear and obvious when we are requesting your personal information.  This information is likely to be required to purposes such as signing up to our website, social media sites, newsletters, or clearance specials.

2. Usage

Your personal information will be used for these purposes:

  1. To provide you with information about Payless Promotions and our products so that you can get the best value our of our products and services.
  2. To notify you of new products, uses, and special prices on our products.

3. Consent

When you supply Payless Promotions with your personal information you acknowledge that it will be used for the purposes above and consent this use. If you decide not to provide Payless Promotions with your personal information you will still have access to our website and all other information available to the general public.  You will not have access however to the sign in section of our website nor e-mails containing product information and specials.

4. Accessing Your Info

At any time you may request and Payless Promotions will present any personal information we are holding regarding yourself or your business.

5. Security

We are very committed to protecting all personal and sensitive information you supply to us, and your choices to provide or not provide this information will always be honored.  All personal data collected is stored by secure means.  Payless Promotions take all reasonable actions to protect against, loss, theft, or unlawful use of this information.

All transactions through our website are protected with advanced online security measures.

6. How We Use Your Private Information

Your private information will not be shared with any third parties unless essential.  Payless Promotions use third party organisations for products supply, printing, packing and delivery and on occassion may be required to provide your information to these organisations to ensure the effecient processing of your orders.The organisations will be provided with only information essential to what is required for them to complete essential tasks.   All of our third party suppliers are subject to strict privacy guidelines.

On occassions Payless Promotions may share your information without seeking your prior permission.  These are circumstances where:

  1. required by law
  2. To protect or defend the rights, property, goods, equipment or good name of Payless Promotions or our related companies and websites
  3. Required to protect the personal safety of a Payless Promotions staff member, or user of our products or website.

7. Opting Out

All automatically sent correspondence from Payless Promotions will have an unsubscribe link at the bottom.  We assure you that if you click this link you will no longer receive this correspondence.

8. Does Payless Promotions Privacy Policy Apply to Linked Websites?

This privacy policy applies to Payless Promotions and all businesses and website owned by Payless Promotions.  The Payless Promotions website does contain links to third party websites.  Payless Promotions has no control over these websites or their use of information and therefore cannot be held responsible for the way in which they treat private information. We strongly urge you to read through the privacy policies of these websites carefully and thoroughly before providing and personal information to these organisations.

We follow industry and internet standards and guidlines in regards to protecting your private information when you interact with our online media. However, as with any online interaction, you information may on occasions be hacked or gathered by third parties unlawfully obtaining and ulitlising your private information.

9. Policy Changes

Any chanes to the privacy policy of Payless Promotions will be shown on this page of our website. If we wish to use your private information for a purpose other that what it was collected will notify you of this beforehand.

10. Policy Enforcement

If you beleive Payless Promotions is in breach of this policy through any of our actions, please notify us and we will act immediately to investigate and if neccesary, rectify our actions.


If you have any comments, questions or concerns please contact us at:

Payless Promotions

243 York St

Sale, Vic 3850


Last updated March 5, 2013

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