Top Bottle Design Trends From Sustainable to Stylish

Discover the latest in bottle design, covering eco-friendly, glass, metal, and creative options, with practical tips on personalising your bottles.

At Payless Promotions, we have insider marketing expertise and sales knowledge on the top design trends for a huge range of products. Stay ahead of the curve with the top bottle design trends, blending environmental consciousness with aesthetic appeal.

We’ll help you discover unique design ideas that incorporate your business values, current trends and your marketing budget with practical tips on personalising your water bottles. Whether revamping your brand merchandise or looking to improve sales, we’re your go-to source for custom water bottle designs. 

Eco-Friendly Bottle Designs

Grano Wheat Straw – 420ml

If you haven’t heard of a biodegradable drink bottle yet, now you have. Our Grano Wheat Straw bottle is BPA-free, easy to clean, and as sustainable as they come. They come in three beautiful pastel colours (all the rage right now) and have comfortable-for-carrying straps attached to them. 

Wheat straw is a plastic bi-product – a bioplastic that is made from a plant source rather than petroleum. Bioplastics contain attributes similar to traditional plastic but are a sustainable alternative. 

Bambu Eco – 480ml

Bamboo bottles have a natural look, making them stand out as eco-friendly favourites. Most bamboo bottles are created from a combination of bamboo and stainless steel, making them durable, reusable and extremely long-lasting. 

Bamboo is a rapidly renewable source, contributing to the reduction of the negative environmental impact of plastic bottles. Bamboo is a fantastic and eye-catching choice if you’re looking for a stylish and eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic drink bottles. With available print options like pad-printing, wrap screen and laser engraving, your logo will only add to the unique design of this bottle. 

Glass Bottle Designs

Solstice Glass – 500ml

This bamboo lid, glass body, and silicone sleeve drink bottle is chic and classy. The silicone layer acts as a protective body around the glass, so if you’re thinking twice about investing in glass bottles because you’re afraid of how often they break, it’s not a problem. 

The silicone sleeve can be screen printed or debossed, adding to the style these glass bottles already equip. Drinking water never looked so fancy.

Elixir Glass – 700ml

If the 700ml capacity and comfortable carrying handle don’t persuade you, maybe the popular, sleek design will. These glass water bottles are a popular investment for business events and retail branding. 

Although these glass bottles might be slightly pricier, they give the advantage of various print options, including imitation etch, and they come in sleek packaging perfect for Christmas gifting, corporate gifting, and event merchandise. 

Metal Bottle Designs

Mirage Aluminium – 750ml

Aluminium and steel drink bottles are a customer favourite. They keep drinks colder for longer, come in a huge range of colours, are highly durable, and are cheaper than other drink bottle styles. 

It’s safe to say these water bottles are favourites for a reason. 

Sports, nature and adventure brands love this bottle style because it fits larger labels and logos and comes in a wide range of fun colours.

La Jolla Custom – 700ml

Engrave your business name or brand logo onto this trendy stainless steel bottle. It’s affordable and has a hiking lid attached to it with a nifty little carabiner clip for easy attachment. 

The stainless steel design helps water stay cool for longer or even hot if you’re hiking with coffee or tea. Plus, the sleek silver design looks great with any brand name or logo. 

Creative Bottle Designs

Add a unique water bottle design to your merchandise or product range and watch your sales grow. While conventional water bottles might work well for some businesses, incorporating a drink bottle design that your target audience can appreciate shows your strategic marketing efforts. 

If you’re looking for custom water bottles that stand out from the ordinary, check out these creative designs by Payless Promotions:

Notebook Shaped Drink Bottle – 500ml

Bopp Sport Tritan Drink Bottle – 550ml

Canister Vacuum Stainless Steel – 600ml

Whether it’s the colour, design, or the logo, a unique bottle is a surefire way to get the attention of the masses. 

Ideas on Personalising and Decorating Bottles

With various printing methods available, you can personalise and decorate water bottles to make custom, one-of-a-kind bottles for your campaign, event, or product range. Whether you print your logo, create a brand message, or create a whole new design, personalising your drink bottles is a great way to garner attention from your target market. 

Some of the printing options include:

  • Pad printing: great for multicoloured graphics
  • Screen printing: which is similar to pad print but has a larger print area
  • Laser engraving: which offers a sleek and subtle look on metal

You can learn more about our branding methods to help with your decoration ideas here.