3 Sure Steps To Purchasing a Quality Custom Hoodie


You have decided your work or sports team is in need of some new custom hoodies and you jump online to shop around.

The first promotional company you speak to sells hoodies that range from $20 to $50 each in their preferred brand.  The second company you speak to finds out you have already been talking to another promotional company and tells you that the brand of hoodie the first company recommended is poor quality and theirs is much better.

Now you are more confused than when you started.  Let’s simplify things with some genuine, unbiased advice.  Follow this 3 step process to ensure you get the best custom hoodie for your team.

1. Forget Brands:

There are a many brands available to promotional companies in Australia.  None of them are horrible or a lot better than the others.  Some of the most well-known promotional clothing brands in Australia are Winning Spirit, Biz Collection, Johnny Bobbin, Auspirit, Quoz and Ramo.  They are all good brands who offer a range of hoodies that vary in their construction and quality.

 2. Know Your Material: 

With hoodies, it’s simple.  The more cotton, the better quality the garment.  If you look in the hoodie section of the Payless Promotions website you will find hoodies that range from 35% cotton (at the cheaper end) to 80% cotton (at the more expensive end).  A hoodie with more cotton will be more comfortable, pill less and last longer than a hoodie with more polyester.

 3. Watch Your Weight: 

Hoodies (along with most garments) are measure by GSM.  This stands for Grams Per Square Inch and is used as an indication of the weight of material used to construct the garment.  The higher the GSM, the thicker and warmer the hoodie will be.  Hoodies with a higher GSM will be more expensive than those with a lower GSM.  Generally this is a good thing, but this depends on when, where and how the hoodie is to be used.

Follow these 3 simple steps and you can be confident of purchasing a hoodie that suits your needs.  For further advice or expertise, you can of course speak to our friendly team here at Payless Promotions who are always happy to answer your questions.

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