Purchase Quality Custom Hoodies With These Three Simple Steps

Do you need custom hoodies for your work or sports team? Great! According to Statista, the revenue generated by jerseys, sweatshirts and pullovers in the global market is estimated to be around US$65.71 billion.

Whether you’re looking for eco-friendly hoodies, personalised jumpers to help you stay warm, or embroidered logos, follow our three-step process to purchase custom-printed hoodies you can be proud of.

3 Steps To Ensure Your Custom Hoodie is Exactly What You’re Looking For

1. Forget Brands

Don’t automatically go with expensive brands because they’re well-known. Many brands partner up and make themselves available to promotional companies in Australia. This means you can get logos from reputable brands like Biz Collection and Winning Spirit on your personalised hoodies but at much lower prices.

For example, customers at Payless Promotions love to design custom hoodies with our branded hoodie options like PSU, Gildan and Ramo. Adding their own design to customise these jumpers is a popular method for sports teams.

2. Know Your Material

With hoodies, it’s simple. The more cotton, the better quality the garment. If you look in the hoodie section of the Payless Promotions website, you will find hoodies that range from 35% cotton (at the cheaper end) to 80% cotton (at the more expensive end).

Hoodies with a higher cotton base are softer, more comfortable and last longer than hoodies made with polyester fabrics.

Knowing the material will also help to determine the best printing method for your hoodie design. Screen printing and embroidery are popular options, but you might find other printing styles that suit your needs more. Check out our various printing methods here.

3. Watch Your Garment Weight

Hoodies (along with most other garments) are measured by GSM – grams per square inch. GSM indicates the weight of the material used to construct the garment. The higher the GSM, the thicker and warmer the hoodies will be. Hoodies with a higher GSM will be more expensive than those with a lower GSM. Generally, this is a good thing, but this depends on when, where and how the hoodie will be used.

If you want a hoodie you can wear all year round, consider designing your custom hoodies with lower GSM or blended fabrics. Alternatively, the GSM might affect how your image or logo is printed into the garment. We advise you to get in touch to ask about screen printing, embroidery and printing styles before choosing your hoodie design.

Final Thoughts

The three steps above will help you determine the best hoodie style for your team, brand, budget and cause. Achieving the perfect blend of style, comfort, and affordability is a matter of strategic decision-making. At Payless Promotions, we understand the importance of quality custom hoodies that reflect your team’s pride and identity.

Want to find out more info about our custom hoodies? Send us your hoodie design, or get in touch with the team, and we’ll help you find the ideal quality hoodies, jackets or sweaters for your project or business.