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How to Avoid the 3 Fatal Flaws of Corporate Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts

Not sure what to get that prospect or client this holiday season? Take a huge pause, as this is one aspect of business that simply cannot be done in haste. A gift can say more about your brand than anything else, and it’s an opportunity to make (or break) a relationship.

Why is it such a big deal? It’s because corporate gifts are entirely rooted in the concept of “making a gesture,” and they show your clients that you value and appreciate them. Beyond the typical promotional materials businesses send out during the year, a holiday gift is a very soft sale, sometimes asking for absolutely nothing in return.

Keep in mind that even though the gift is a completely voluntary action, a tremendous amount of thought and strategy should still be put into it – everything from the quality of the item, presentation, and timing should be carefully considered.

A gift can quickly backfire, eliminating the entire point of the gesture and causing more damage than good. So, how do you avoid these fatal flaws this Christmas? Luckily, we’ve touched on the 3 most important ones you need to be aware of, increasing your chances of forging strong relationships with your clients.

  1. The Forgotten Gift

You wouldn’t design a commercial that wasn’t memorable, or distribute promotional products or materials that were about as exciting as watching paint dry – why would you put a gift in a client’s hands that didn’t create a lasting impression?
Stubby Holders
Anything you give your clients and prospects is representative of your brand, and because of the nature of gifting, the impact will likely be more profound than any other sales or marketing content you engage them with.

Where emotions are involved, associations are stronger. The recipient will feel a sense of gratitude for your gift, followed by an intense examination and dissecting of that gift. If it’s something so familiar and uninspired, like many of the other corporate gift ideas they’ve received, they’re likely to forget about it just as quickly as your brand.

Every interaction with your target market should be reinforcing your value proposition and fortifying your image in their minds. This can be done easily by being unique – spending a ton of money isn’t always necessary, but showing them you actually thought about the gift, is.

What are some safe bets when it comes to corporate gifts? Usable and practical items are always welcome, and branded products must be high-grade. Avoid putting your logo or company name on anything of mediocre quality, especially when it’s for a holiday. Here are some fantastic gift ideas for this Christmas, fitting well into your budget, while resonating with your client base.

The key is to add something of value to their life, hoping that they will “stumble upon” it again at a future date. This strategy keeps your brand fresh in their minds, and can often lead to referrals. Give them something that is useful and has the potential to spark conversations, and you’ll never have to worry about your gift being forgotten.

  1. The Obligatory Gift

KeyringsFailing to properly gauge (and convey) the value of a contract or partnership to a client can be a disaster. This often happens (unintentionally) when a well-meaning business owner sends a gift that’s just a little too, let’s say… cheap.

The devastation from this simple oversight is three-fold. First, it says to clients that your gift is part of an expected business process, obligatory, and somewhat of an expense. Creating the appearance that your organisation views holiday gifts as overhead can render future marketing attempts and promotional products obsolete. It’d be better to not send a gift at all than one that comes with a side order of guilt.

Secondly, your cheap and mandatory holiday gift suggests a very tight budget – this is far from the confident, financially strong image you want your clients to have of you. This doesn’t mean you should overspend, however. Your gift should accurately reflect the value of each relationship to your business. A gift that’s gone overboard in terms of cost can also create an uncomfortable situation, or make your organisation appear desperate.

This means that a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all gift simply won’t do.

That brings us to the third impact, which comes from the gift that’s too expensive. This not only makes the client believe that you felt obligated to overdo it, but it obligates them as well. It’s best to keep things professional, as no one wants to feel financially pressured in a personal way.

Stay out of this grey area and you’ll find clients to be communicative, appreciative, and eager to build with you. For some affordable, thoughtful and appropriate corporate gifts, click here.

  1. No Follow-Through

Carry CupsAny savvy business client knows that as thoughtful as your gift is, there is an intended future gain you’re hoping to achieve by nurturing the relationship. This is expected, and it’s okay. Sending a meaningful Christmas gift that lacks a clearly defined call to action is a tad unflattering to your client’s intelligence.

Some of the best corporate gift ideas compliment the client by sending the message, “We’re thinking about you, and appreciate your business,” while setting the stage for further actions or communications. It’s sort of a recurring “ice-breaker” that never gets old.

Always treat your clients as if you recently acquired their business, and you’ll create powerful connections in your industry, receive loads of referrals, and craft a solid brand persona.

The main difference between advertising material and gift-giving is that the recipient of the latter is almost certain to receive, look at, and consider gifts from known partnerships. This is your chance to reward them for continuing to grant you their attention, while asking (in a subtle way) for them to reach out to you at their convenience.

If your gift doesn’t directly include a call to action, it should be diligently followed up by one. This can be done in as little as a few days or weeks following the holiday season, while you’re still top of mind.

It’s likely that your client will want to chat about the gift with you, tell you their thoughts, and thank you directly – following up with them is a welcomed and appreciated opportunity for them to do so. Visit our home page to begin exploring some of the best conversation-starters, proven time and again to strengthen corporate bonds and foster profitable partnerships.

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Custom Hoodies – The 3 Crucial Differences Between Brand Building Quality & Promotional Crap

Lately, it seems every Tom Dick & Harry wants their logo printed on a hoodie.  Sure we love wearing hoodies as they are generally comfortable and a great way to look cool while staying warm, but are your printed hoodies adding value to your brand name?  Or are they associating your brand with low quality and a bad or inconsistent image?

Pick the right material, choose garments that are designed to fit the wearer and use branding that is current, stylish and consistent with your image.  Get these 3 things right and you are on a sure path to quality.  Below I expand on these three crucial differences and offer some easy to follow advice.  I will use the Hoodies Page on our website to show examples of what I am discussing, however, the information provided will help you choose the most appropriate hoodies from any supplier.

Choose The Right Material – Cotton is King

Polyester Rich Hoodie
TH22UN Polyester Rich Hoodies

Yes, I agree it can be confusing -Even for us and we live and breath it every day.  As a good guide, the higher the cotton content, the better.  If you want a hoodie that will last the test of time and retain a good level of comfort then I suggest you choose something with greater than 50% cotton.  Also, pay attention to the grams per square metre (often referred to as gsm).  A higher gsm count means a better quality garment, and also means a warmer garment.

FL07 Cotton Rich Hoodies
FL07 Cotton Rich Hoodies

Here are your 2 first traps…  Try not to pay too much attention to the images AND pay attention to the industry lingo. The hoodies on the left are sexier, right?  Well, note these are “polyester rich”  which is industry talk for ‘mostly polyester’ and have a weight of 320gsm.  In contrast, the hoodie on the right is “cotton rich” which is of course “mostly cotton” and has a weight of 340gsm.

The hoodies on the left are around 2 dollars cheaper per garment, but personally, I would choose the hoodie on the right any day of the week.

Just to add a little complication to the mix there are now are a whole new range of Sublimated (full colour all over print) hoodies hitting the market.  Even on our own website!  The sublimation print process can only be carried out on 100% polyester which traditionally was a horrible material for hoodies.  However, as technology advances manufacturers are introducing cotton inners to garments with polyester outers that are actually quite nice to wear.  My advice is to ‘try before you buy’ any sublimated hoodies.  Some are quite good, while some are very average.

Get the Fit You Need

Let’s not kid ourselves here.  You are not starting a fashion label so you don’t really need to differentiate between a modern fit, slim fit, skinny fit, or an urban fit.  What I am referring to here is what we call the ‘Gender Fit’.  The big question here is, “who will be wearing the garments?”  If the hoodie order is for your local cricket club then a Mens or Unisex fit will be fine (females hate local cricket so we know your girlfriend won’t want one!).  However, if you are running an event that will be attended by men, ladies and children you should choose your hoodie with this in mind.

While some smaller ladies can wear a small size men’s hoodie, and your 6-year-old daughter does look cute in her massively oversized adult hoodie, this is not the ideal scenario.  Some hoodies come in matching men’s, ladies and kids fit, some don’t.  If you need to cater for ladies and kids then choose the appropriate style.  Don’t decide that it ‘doesn’t really matter!’

A decent uniform website will let you filter by gender fit.  This is the first thing you should do if you require multiple gender fits is filter by Ladies or Kids as these are the most uncommon.  You will generally find that any ladies or kids hoodie has a matching men’s fit.

Stylish, Current & Consistent Branding

While we all like to think we are fashion connoisseurs, this is really a great time to hand the reigns over to the designers at your supplier of choice.  They have done this thing a thousand times before and know what works and what doesn’t.  Most people fall into on 1 of two categories:

  1. The more basic (boring) the better
  2. The more design elements we can work into one garment the better

In reality, the best designs commonly fall somewhere in the middle.  Basic is boring, but subtle can be classy.  A busy can be painful on the eyeballs, but it is possible to work multiple design locations into a garment while maintaining a common theme.

In conclusion, the sure path to ordering custom hoodies that build the quality of your brand is not complicated.  Pick a hoodie with decent gsm count and good cotton content.  Make sure the hoodies are available in the fits you require.  Finally get your branding right – If you do not have experience in this area hand over control to someone who does.  These steps are identical regardless of who you choose to supply your hoodies or what you are using them for.

You can discuss these points with no obligation with a Product & Branding Specialist from our team at Payless Promotions.  This is free advice and we also offer free mockups of how your design will look before you place your order.  We suggest you should be able to get the same service from your supplier of custom printed hoodies, if not, shop elsewhere.

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Easter – Is it a Time for Corporate Gift Giving?

Easter presentEaster present with rabbit and easter eggs

Easter is fast approaching. So should you be splashing out on another round of corporate gifts like you probably did at Christmas time?

Well that poses one of the biggest questions in the promotional industry. When is the best time to give corporate gifts?

Have you ever considered the best time to surprise your clients with a gift may be when they expect it the least? While this somewhat blasphemy within the promotional industry I am going to suggest that Christmas is perhaps the worst time to give corporate gifts to your clients. Do you really think your clients notice the gift you choose after hours of contemplation among the dozen other promotional items they received from other suppliers that week?

Try something unique and creative. Give a gift at Valentines Day, Chinese New Year, Halloween, or anything else you can tie into your company, product or promotion. Be sure to include a letter explaining why you have given the gift and what the client means to you.

Something a simple as a tea bag and a lollie (with or without your logo) may be even more effective than that Christmas Hamper you forked out big money for. Combine this with a letter telling your client that you know they work hard and they deserve 5 minutes to relax, have a cup of tea and a lollie, and pat themselves on the back for their own great work. Tell them you know their brand is important, the quality of their product means everything, and you truly appreciate the fact that they choose to deal with you when they have the need.

Thoughtless, and uncreative giving of corporate gifts will get you no benefit. Be a little creative with your time and your message and you can achieve a whole lot more with your promotional budget.


4 Simple Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Polo Shirt Uniforms

Choosing Polo Shirt Uniforms

So you have decided that your corporate, sports or trade team could benefit from a uniform, and polo shirts are the way to go….
All you need now is to find a supplier with a polo shirt that matches your corporate or team colours and then organise to get your logo embroidered, right? You do a quick search on the net and call a promotional company. The sales consultant then asks if you prefer: cotton, polyester, poly/cotton, cool-dry, true-dry, or bamboo material. And do you require an elastane component? Huh?
Below are some questions to ask yourself to aid you in choosing the appropriate polo shirt for your needs:

1) How comfortable will your polo feel against your skin?
If this is your number one priority then you simply cannot go past bamboo or cotton polo shirts. Both are natural materials than breathe well. Bamboo also offers natural de-odorising and anti-bacterial benefits. Cool-dry polyester has become a lot more comfortable as the technology has improved but is still is not quite as nice as cotton or bamboo. A poly/cotton or true-dry blend is good compromise offering cotton comfort with the benefits of polyester. An added elastane component provides a little stretch for additional comfort.

2) How hot is the environment where you will be wearing this polos?
Traditional cotton and poly/cotton polos can be a little heavy. In an office environment, this is not a problem, and sometimes is even a benefit. However if you are working outdoors in the sun, or playing sport in your polo then a cool dry or true dry polo is a better option. Cool-dry is the most light-weight material on the market as it has no cotton content. True-dry is slightly heavier, but combines the comfort of a cotton lining.

3) How much care and maintenance are you prepared to put into your polo shirts?
Cotton will require more maintenance than polyester. Cotton will wrinkle more, stain worse and fade more if dried under sunlight. Polyester is made to resist stains, wrinkling (although not completely) and is more fade resistant. A cotton/poly blend can offer the best of both worlds.

4) Is the Environment a Factor?
100% cotton is the most eco-friendly material for polo shirts as it is the only fully natural option. Bamboo is another fast-generating natural material, but is combined with polyester for polo shirt construction. Polyester is a man made synthetic material.


3 Sure Steps To Purchasing a Quality Custom Hoodie


You have decided your work or sports team is in need of some new custom hoodies and you jump online to shop around.

The first promotional company you speak to sells hoodies that range from $20 to $50 each in their preferred brand.  The second company you speak to finds out you have already been talking to another promotional company and tells you that the brand of hoodie the first company recommended is poor quality and theirs is much better.

Now you are more confused than when you started.  Let’s simplify things with some genuine, unbiased advice.  Follow this 3 step process to ensure you get the best custom hoodie for your team.

1.       Forget Brands: There are a many brands available to promotional companies in Australia.  None of them are horrible or a lot better than the others.  Some of the most well-known promotional clothing brands in Australia are Winning Spirit, Biz Collection, Johnny Bobbin, Auspirit, Quoz and Ramo.  They are all good brands who offer a range of hoodies that vary in their construction and quality.

 2.       Know Your Material:  With hoodies, it’s simple.  The more cotton, the better quality the garment.  If you look in the hoodie section of the Payless Promotions website you will find hoodies that range from 35% cotton (at the cheaper end) to 80% cotton (at the more expensive end).  A hoodie with more cotton will be more comfortable, pill less and last longer than a hoodie with more polyester.

 3.       Watch Your Weight:  Hoodies (along with most garments) are measure by GSM.  This stands for Grams Per Square Inch and is used as an indication of the weight of material used to construct the garment.  The higher the GSM, the thicker and warmer the hoodie will be.  Hoodies with a higher GSM will be more expensive than those with a lower GSM.  Generally this is a good thing, but this depends on when, where and how the hoodie is to be used.

Follow these 3 simple steps and you can be confident of purchasing a hoodie that suits your needs.  For further advice or expertise, you can of course speak to our friendly team here at Payless Promotions who are always happy to answer your questions.

If you have a comment or question, please make a comment below and we will be sure to respond.

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4 Step System To The Perfect Fundraising Product

Fundraising chartFundraising. Chart with keywords and icons

I often get asked, “Which promotional products are the best for fundraising?”   I have a four point checklist that I suggest you go through that I think can help determine the best fundraising product for your cause.  For the sake of the exercise let’s assume we are a Football club, wanting to raise money for some new facilities.  The products we are considering are Wristbands, T-Shirts and Stubby Holders.

1.  Outlay:  The first variable is the amount you are prepared to outlay.  Let’s say we have $1000 to spend.  This would get us around 2500 Wristbands, 100 printed T Shirts or 250 stubby holders.  Wristbands are great for smaller projects and for something with bigger goals, you could go for a more expensive clothing item such as custom polo shirt or embroidered jacket.

2.  Saleability:  Depending on how well your charity or cause is known and supported, some items are easier to sell than others.  It is not hard to sell a bright coloured wristband for $2 to a non-club member, a stubby holder is a little more difficult, and clothing is near impossible unless you are a well-known charity.

How big is your club and supporter base?  Some clubs are big enough not to have to worry about selling outside of their own members, whereas some clubs depend almost entirely on selling to strangers.

3.  Sponsorability:  Yes I know, that’s not really a word!  Sponsors are a great way to subsidise the cost or your products.  Some fundraising campaigns are profitable, before an item is even sold because of sponsorship gained.  If you have willing sponsors, then be smart and use products that best promote their brand.

Wristbands don’t lend themselves well to sponsors’ logos, as they are very difficult to see and read.  Both T shirts and stubby holders on the other hand are great for your sponsors’ logos.  Not only are they big enough to see and read, but if you have multiple sponsors you can print them all on, for the same price as printing just one (provided you stick to a set number of colours).

4.  Likely Profit:  Pull out your paper and pencil, or start a little spread sheet and do the math.  The formula you need to follow is:

(Quantity Sold x Sale Price + Sponsors Contribution) – Outlay = Profit

Don’t fly blind.  Follow these steps and you are sure to come up with the best fundraising product for your club, charity or event.


T Shirt Printing – What Method Is Best For Your Needs?

Preparing t-shirt for printing in the silk screen printing machineMan preparing t-shirt for printing in the silk screen printing machine

It’s simple right?  You require some custom T Shirts printed with your team or corporate logo so you jump online to compare prices.  Once you start shopping around you find you have print options such as screen print, heat transfer, process print and full colour direct print.  So what are these T Shirt Printing options, and how do you decide which is best for your job?

Screen Print:  This is the oldest method, but still the most common and in most scenarios the best.  Screen printing offers PMS colour matching and because machines today can be fully automated, also offers the lowest print cost per T Shirt.

The negative with Screen Print is that is requires the setup of physical screens which are expensive, bulky and difficult to store.  The cost of screen setup is around $75 per screen and a new screen has to made for each colour in each print position.

Heat Transfer:  Heat Transfer is a two step process.  Firstly your T Shirt logo or design will be printed onto a transparent film using basically a high quality inkjet computer printer.  The second step is to permanently transfer the design from the film to the T-Shirt using a heat press.  The same heat press process can be used to place precision cut vinyl lettering or designs onto T Shirts.  This is most commonly used for placing surnames or nick names on the back of sports uniforms or year 12 jerseys.

Heat Transfer is a great option for smaller runs that require full colour designs.  As the print is done using basically an inkjet printer, the cost of a full colour print is no more than a one colour print.  However heat transfer is a time and manual labour heavy process that is generally not cost effective on larger run jobs.  Also the sharpness of print is generally not as good as can be achieved with screen print.

Process Print: This is a print process that has been borrowed from general printing and applied to T Shirt printing.  Using the 3 primary colours plus black, these are applied to the garment in different percentages and mixed together to achieve any colour of the rainbow.  In the printing world this is also known as CMYK printing (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key).

This is a cost effective way of achieving full colour print , especially on larger run jobs as the process is run through a standard screen print machine which can be mostly automated.  The process is not cost effective for smaller run jobs as 4 screens are required at a cost of around $75 per screen, meaning approximate setup cost of $300.  Print quality and colour matching is good, but as good as can be achieved with extra colour and extra screens (at a higher cost).

Direct T Shirt Print:  This is a relatively new print process where a full colour print can be applied directly to the garment, without having to go through the extra stop of a heat press.  Again this is a slow process that is best suited to smaller runs, or even personalisation of T Shirts for bucks parties, hens nights, etc.

While this is a cost effective print process for small runs, the quality and cost effectiveness is not comparable to screen printing on reasonable sized runs.

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Choosing Your Perfect Corporate Office Polo Shirt

Corporate Office Polo

We often get asked the question, “Which Polo Shirt is Best”?  Or hear statements like “I don’t mind paying a bit extra for a higher quality polo shirt”.  Polo Shirts on the Payless Promotions website range from $10.00 to over $20.00 for 100 garments embroidered with your corporate logo.  So what is the difference?  Is the more expensive garment twice as good?

Below I review 4 polo shirts including our least and most expensive and explain the price difference and exactly what you get for your money.  All prices below are based on 100 garments and include embroidery of logo as per the Payless Promotions website.

2800 Basic Polo ($10.21 each at the time of writing)

Well let’s cut straight to the chase.  This polo shirt is a bargain.  Made by Gildan with 100% cotton at a weight of 200gsm this ticks all boxes for comfort.  So why is it so cheap?  Simply because Gildan have kept it simple.  Available in only 4 solid colours and a unisex fit, this polo does not have the options of other garments in this range.  However if you are after a comfortable corporate polo shirt in white, black, navy, or grey don’t dismiss this garment because it is ‘too cheap’.

PS08 Liberty Polo ($16.09 each at the time of writing)

This is a poly cotton polo shirt.  When you add polyester to a garment you immediately stray from natural materials and lose comfort to some degree.  However you also add ease of maintenance and durability. For an extra $5 per garment with the PS08 Custom Polo Shirt you also get a matching Mens and Ladies fit and range of 15 colours with contrast trims to match your corporate logo.  If you are after a simple wash ‘n’ wear garment in your corporate colours then the PS08 ticks the right boxes.

PS55 Darling Harbour ($18.37 each at the time of writing)

I won’t try to hide it, this is my favourite polo shirt in the Payless Promotions range.  Made from Winning Sprit, this is a 200gsm polo shirt in 95% Cotton and 5% elastane.  So why do I like it?  Simply because in my humble opinion this is the most comfortable corporate polo on the market.  As an added kicker it is available in a range of 10 solid designer colours with funky shades such as green tea and jasper blue.  The downside is that cotton is a high maintenance garment subject to wrinkling and fading in the sun.

PS59 Bamboo Polo ($23.22 each at the time of writing)

Rivalling the PS55 polo shirt for comfort while coming in at a light-weight 165gsm is the new Bamboo Polo shirt.  An added feature is the combination of bamboo with cool-dry polyester technology meaning this also offers a moisture wicking technology which draws moisture away from the skin and disperses it into the atmosphere.  This garment is available in only Navy and Black in a Mens and Ladies fit.

At Payless Promotions we do not sell any ‘Low Quality’ polo shirts.  There are simply different features available in our garments that cause the different price points.  Hopefully this article helps you understand the differences between the garments so you can better understand what you are paying for and choose your next corporate polo shirt with more confidence.


True Dry Polo Shirts & Tee Shirts

True Dry material is the latest technology in Polo Shirts and Tee Shirts.  It is a great advancement and goes a long way towards covering the flaws of traditional polo shirt materials cotton and polyester.  Below I have listed the issues with traditional polo shirt materials and then explained how the True Dry material overcomes these issues.

Heavy Weight:  While being comfortable on the skin cotton polo shirts can be a little heavy.  Furthermore once you sweat in a cotton polo, they tend to hold the sweat and get heavier again.

The Solution:  True Dry polo shirts offer a lighter weight material which is still strong and durable.  They also have inbuilt technology to draw moisture away from the body and disperse it into the atmosphere meaning they do not get significantly heavier when sweating.

 Wrinkles and Fading: Cotton garments are very susceptible to fading if hung in the sun and also tend to wrinkle badly when washed.

The Solution: The polyester content of true dry garments means they are less susceptible to fading while drying and will also wrinkle less after washing making them more of a wash and wear garment.

Comfort:  Polyester garments are traditionally less comfortable to wear and are often described as feeling a little ‘scratchy’.

The Solution:  True Dry garments have a cotton inner blended through them to provide the comfort and feel benefits of 100% cotton polo shirts.

Smell:  The Polyester (Cool Dry) garments these days have inbuilt technology to draw sweat away from the body and disperse it efficiently.  However, unfortunately the odour tends to stay with the garment.

The Solution:  True Dry garments have a cotton component which helps to reduce the odour holding properties of the polyester.  Expect your True Dry garment to smell less than a 100% polyester polo, but more than 100% cotton.

In conclusion True Dry is a significant advancement in Tee and Polo Shirt materials.  In my opinion it is clearly the best material on the market today and at only a few dollars more than 100% cotton or 100% polyester polo shirts, I would also suggest it is outstanding value for money.

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Choose Your Jersey Name

Choose Your Jersey Name


Step 1 – School Restrictions/ Guidelines
The first step is to choosing your year 12 jersey name for Year 12 Hoodies is to check with your school to see what restrictions or guidelines they have in place. For example some schools will specify that students must use your surname on your Year 12 Jackets. All schools will disapprove of rude or offensive yr 12 jersey names whether it is blatant or covert.

Step 2 – Design Capabilities
Depending on the garment and decoration style your school chooses you may have endless options for your Leavers Varsity Jackets, or you may be slightly restricted. The biggest restriction for Year 12 Rugby Jumpers is the font chosen for your yr 12 jersey names. Check to see if the chosen font includes numbers, punctuation, etc. If it doesn’t, then you have to avoid these characters.

Step 3 – Be Creative… But Don’t Get Carried Away
The best year 12 jersey names are the most obvious. Use the nickname that you have been called by your friends for the longest as your Leavers Zip Hoodies name. Remember your Leavers Polo Shirts is a keepsake, so don’t try to make up a nickname on the spot as most likely it won’t stick, and you will be left with a yr 12 jersey name that makes no sense. If you don’t have a nickname then your surname is probably the best option. At least it will make sense in years to come.

For more information on ordering your Year 12 Hoodies, Leavers Zip Hoodies, Year 12 Jackets, Leavers Varsity Jackets, Year 12 Rugby Jumpers, Leavers Polo Shirt, Year 12 Shirts, or Leavers Crew Neck Jumpers return to Varsity12 homepage.