How to craft an engaging brand voice (with 5 real-world examples)

Are you a brand looking to create authenticity and communicate with your audience using a unique brand voice? Crafting an engaging brand voice is essential for your brand’s success in the online space.

Brand voice is one of the most effective ways a brand can set itself apart from its competitors and make lasting connections with consumers. From clever quips to genuine stories, we have gathered some of the best examples of worldwide brand voices that show just how much power unique brand voices and words have.

So sharpen those pencils, open your notebook to a clear page and get ready to take some essential notes on why crafting an engaging brand voice is crucial for your business. It’s time to get creative with a voice that truly speaks to your customers and clients.

What Is Brand Voice And Why It Matters

Brand voice is the personality and particular style of communication used by a brand across all its platforms and promotions.

For example, a witty tone of voice can inject humour into your brand’s messaging, making its content more memorable and engaging to the targeted readers.

A brand’s voice should be distinctive and consistent to help consumers remember the brand. This type of consistent brand recall and recognition can help to form an emotional connection with your brand.

So, why does your brand voice matter? Because giving your brand a personality in its written advertising and media promotions can influence brand loyalty and attract new customers. Customers can relate to and connect with your brand when they understand and appreciate the engaging voice behind the brand’s promotions.

According to Sprout Social, 45% of consumers unfollow a brand because of irrelevant content. Finding a brand voice that relays informative and educational content that your consumers can relate to can prevent this from happening.

What Are The Types of Brand Voices?

Just as humans have many different voices and there are numerous ways to use tone of voice to speak to others, there are different types of brand voices. Deciding which brand voice is best for your business comes down to authenticity. 88% of consumers prefer to support brands they feel are the most authentic.

Here are the top 4 brand voices used to engage with customers:


Casual brand voices are friendly and conversational. They create a sense of familiarity and comfort by using simple language that is easy for consumers to understand.
This brand voice creates an informal connection with customers and encourages them to seek help and support when needed.


Professional brand voices are formal, straightforward, and structured. They often include technical language and sophisticated terms to demonstrate the brand’s expertise in its field.

This brand voice is ideal for B2B companies as it establishes customer trust and credibility.


Humorous brand voices are lighthearted and playful. They often use puns, jokes, and sarcasm to make customers laugh and engage with the brand.

This brand voice is excellent for creating brand loyalty, as customers often feel more connected to a brand when they can relate to its sense of humour.


Authoritative brand voices are confident and powerful. They use authoritative language and phrases that evoke feelings of trust and respect.

This brand voice is perfect for companies looking to showcase their brand as a leader in its field.

How Do You Create a Brand Voice?

When crafting your brand voice, you should consider your business values and goals and how best to communicate them. Think about your target audience and what language or tone of voice will resonate with them the most.

You can further define your brand voice by developing the brand messaging and sharing a story that accurately reflects the brand’s values, goals, and mission.

To ensure consistency across all communications, create brand guidelines for yourself and all team members involved with creating content for the brand. For best results, ensure these guidelines include the brand’s mission, personality traits, critical messaging, unique style and preferred language.

5 Top Brand Voices From Worldwide Renowned Brands

Nike’s Brand Voice

Nike’s Brand Voice
Nike’s brand voice is strong, aspirational and inspiring. Its brand message is to “Just Do It”, a phrase that has become synonymous with the brand.

Nike emphasises individual achievement, delivering an inspiring message that encourages people to take action and reach their goals.

The brand strives to evoke emotions of strength, determination and joy in its communications, leveraging emotional and resolute words such as ‘family’, ‘challenge’ and “victory”.

Nike’s brand voice also acknowledges its commitment to innovation – creating products and services that help people take their physical and mental performance to the next level.

Coca-Cola’s Brand Voice

Coca-Cola’s Brand Voice
Coca-Cola’s brand voice is vibrant, upbeat and optimistic.

It conveys positive emotions such as happiness, wonder and delight while expressing a sense of togetherness and community.

The brand’s vibrant colours, expressive language and spirited imagery help to create an energising and inviting atmosphere.

Coca-Cola encourages us to embrace our differences, celebrate our victories and uplift each other.

Through catchy slogans, captivating music and meaningful conversations, Coca-Cola seeks to inspire people to come together, sharing moments of joy and connecting over a shared love of the popular brand.

Disney’s Brand Voice

Disney’s Brand Voice

Disney is a beloved brand that brings families together all around the world.

With clear messages of optimism and celebration, Disney speaks to the hearts of both children and adults.

Disney and Disney’s writers have a knack for curating incredible stories around their iconic characters and creating unforgettable experiences.

From classic fairy tales to movies based on true events, Disney has found success by staying true to their brand by utilising bright colours, supporting inspiring messages, and presenting thoughtful storytelling techniques.

The signature Disney brand voice is warm, friendly, and inviting; it has an eye for detail and nurtures an appreciation for storytelling. With this attention to detail and focus on empathetic emotion, Disney has created an unforgettable brand identity that resonates with entire families around the globe.

Starbucks’ Brand Voice

Starbucks’ Brand Voice

Starbucks’ brand voice is one of adventure, community, and discovery.

They strive to create a unique and special experience, from the moment you walk into their store to the moment you walk out with a signature Starbucks beverage in your hand.

Their focus is on encouraging moments of connection, celebrating diversity, and promoting sustainability.

Starbucks aims to be the go-to gathering spot for communities across the globe by offering warm hospitality, meaningful conversations, and a sense of belonging.

Every decision about the way they do business emphasises their values and creates an environment that inspires exploration and innovation.

The coffee chain also continually reinforces its commitment to human connection by donating to social causes, investing in sustainable solutions, and creating ingenious products like reusable travel mugs aimed at promoting environmentally-friendly solutions.

Amazon’s Brand Voice

Amazon’s Brand Voice

Amazon is a perfect example of how an engaging brand voice can effectively create a unique customer experience.

Amazon’s mission statement, “to be Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company”, has driven its entire brand voice by creating a sense of customer focus and care in all aspects of the business.

Their core values are rooted in innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction – they put customers first in all of their decisions and strive to exceed expectations with each interaction.

Amazon’s tone emboldens the right to quality, research, exploration and discovery, which reflects the company’s commitment to continuous innovation.

Through carefully crafted messaging that speaks to both the customer and the company, Amazon can create powerful connections between consumers and their products or services.

Wrapping Up

You need to be able to rely on your brand voice the way you would rely on a custom-branded umbrella on a rainy day.

Your voice is a large part of what makes you, you – just as your brand voice is what makes your business stand out from the crowd.

Keep your tone of voice consistent across all customer touchpoints for a cohesive user experience, no matter where they find you. Whether it be through social media content, blogs, promotional marketing items, events, or something else. A consistent brand voice is necessary for building a loyal customer base.

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