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5-Step Blueprint to Make Custom-Printed Mugs the Best Promotional Dollars You Will Spend….. Ever.


Mugs have a large branding area, last for years, and are emotionally connected to something we all love…. coffee. So, why shouldn’t they be the best promo product of all time? They should! Follow this blueprint to ensure that yours are.

Cherished gifts come in all shapes and sizes, but the coffee mug is a true hero of the trade because they empower the recipient (through coffee) to achieve new heights in their personal and professional lives.

That’s right… branded mugs are typically well-received and much appreciated promotional gifts because we all crave a motivating cup of java.

1. Unless You Are Coca-Cola, no one recognises (or cares about) your logo – accept it:

Don’t make your logo the key feature of your mug. It does not demand attention, create humour, or evoke emotion. Include it, but become comfortable with it taking a back point.

Basic Coloured Custom Can Coffee Mug With Basic Logo

A Basic Mug With a Basic Logo Print Can Be A Little Un-Inspiring

This is a rule you should follow for all of your branding. In most ads, your logo will have just as much impact in the bottom corner as it will front and centre, so don’t waste the most valuable real-estate.
Instead, opt for a catchy and memorable message on the main face area of promotional coffee mugs.

This is the area of the mug that will garner the most attention, so it’s important to use the space wisely.

Keep in mind that you want your custom coffee mugs to serve subtle a branding purpose without being too pushy. Placing too many details (especially in small print) such as website addresses or lengthy commentary, can make the custom mugs feel gimmicky.

When the logo is large and obnoxious, this compounds the problem of smaller details surrounding it, making for an unattractive promotional item that will find its way into an office drawer.

Design the mug as if it were something sitting on a store shelf, worthy of being purchased by your prospects. Talk with your current supplier of promotional items, or reach out to our specialists for assistance with achieving the right balance.

2. You Are The Favourite, or Nothing:

Branded Manhattan Coffee Mug With Logo

This Manhattan Mug Is Cool Enough To Stand Out In A Crowded Cup-Cupboard

Most people have a favourite coffee cup they drink from most of the time. Make it your goal to become the favourite. This leads us to the next two steps in our blueprint.

Think about the immense brand loyalty you have the opportunity to create by becoming the name on the cup that kick starts your prospect’s day each morning.

We’ll say that again: you can get your prospects and customers to voluntarily (and happily) hold your brand imagery in their hands, every day.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

When planning the design of your corporate mugs, envision your ideal customer, and fashion the cup for them – only them, as if you were ordering just one custom mug.

From years in this business, we’ve learned that you can sometimes get the best results if you think in terms of one recipient, rather than hundreds or thousands.

Make it personal, make it cool, and add some style to the mix.

After you’ve designed it – then, and only then – remind yourself that this will be in the hands of many people, giving it a second critique before finalising your order.

3. Choose Quality or Novelty:

You increase your mugs’ odds of becoming the favourite if you start with a decent mug.  

If everything else is equal, we will always choose to drink from the mug that looks better, is of higher quality, cooler, or a least a bit different than the 14 other can mugs sitting on the shelf!

What do I mean by this? Spend a little more to reap the benefits of usefulness.

Why invest the time and resources into branding promotional coffee mugs if they’re going to be set aside and rarely (if ever) used?

Take a look at our latest selection for inspiration and ideas that might make the difference between ordinary and amazing.

Our promotional products are always of the highest quality because we understand how much that matters when sticking your logo on something.

Heat Sensitive Mugs

These Heat Sensitive Mugs Are Great Attention-Getters

A customer will almost immediately notice the following things about your custom mugs:

  • It’s weight and sturdiness
  • Clarity of the imagery or text that’s been branded
  • Colour quality
  • Shape and ergonomic features
  • Consistency and material

In a matter of seconds, a person will form an impression of your promotional item – make it count.

Quality is important, but what about rarity?

Depending on your industry and target customers, a novelty item might go a long way in terms of capturing interest. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice quality to also have promotional mugs that are unique.

Novelty items are great as promo gifts because they:

  • Spark conversations
  • Form stronger (and quicker) emotional connections with the recipient
  • Are more likely to be forwarded as a gift to others in their social circle
  • Are memorable and remarkable
  • Reduce the “marketing and advertising” feel of the gift
  • Easier to accept and incorporate into daily life

4. Get Emotional:

I guess I should be honest – this is the hard part. Now, you need to evoke emotion in your clients when they first read your mug, and ideally, every time from then forward…

There are a lot of emotions, but some we want to avoid – fear and anger are two that come to mind. Some great emotions to aim for are joy, humour, gratitude, and pride.

Photo Mugs

Photos Are A Great Way To Add Emotion To Your Mug

Remember, you’re probably not in the business of selling coffee mugs retail or wholesale (if you are, disregard), so you want your branded mugs to initiate feelings of at least one of the following related to your actual brand:

  • Association – the customer has a fond memory of engaging with your brand, such as at a trade show or other experience
  • Cleverness – a play on words or industry related “inside joke” humor can forge a bond with recipients. This also creates a feeling of exclusivity
  • Motivation – branding your coffee mugs with something the customer is passionate about can give them that extra boost at the beginning of their workday
  • Exclusivity – circling back to this one, everyone wants to be part of a limited industry, club or group, and this is the best way to evoke emotions of pride and achievement

Here are some examples from successful promotional campaigns we’ve helped clients with, touching on four, high-impact emotions:

  • Joy – ʺFind Joy in the Journeyʺ could be used for a financial planning firm
  • Humour – ʺDON’T READ THE NEXT SENTENCE – you little rebel, I like youʺ could be used for a university
  • Gratitude – ʺEnjoy Your Coffee – Comfortable in the fact you are saving children’s lives every dayʺ – could be used for a poverty support organisation
  • Pride – ʺPlatinum Graduate – Elite Flying Schoolʺ could be used for any type of skill or education provider

5. Call To Action:

Always, always, always include a call to action. This is a step that is almost always forgotten.

  • If you are giving to existing clients, then use a subtle
  • If you are giving to potential clients, then an offer or at least a statement of the key benefit of your product or service should be used. This is also where you include your logo and/or website and/or phone number. It is often a good idea to print this very small around the bottom of the mug, or vertically near the handle. Making it small and discreet intensifies interest and makes it more likely to be read.
Plastic Camping Mugs

Consider Plastic Mugs If Your Target Market Drink Coffee Outdoors Rather Than In An Office

Why are these two approaches so different?

Well, consider that an existing client already knows your brand, and has already opted to do business with you.

A call to action on corporate mugs directed at that audience should be very friendly, non-aggressive and indicate an appreciation for the business they’ve granted you previously.

Potential clients require a little more push (still respectful, of course), and need information about your brand (such as contact details and services offered) that existing clients would already be aware of.

You’re Ready to Get Started

Use these five steps as your blueprint to start reaping the enormous benefits of this form of branding. Custom coffee mugs are always successful when done right, and Payless Promotions can offer some excellent choices to enhance the options available to you from your current suppliers.



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