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3 Simple Steps To Avoiding Disaster When Buying Corporate Golf Umbrellas

Man With Golf Umbrella

If your clientele are golf players, then you are in the right business – generally, golfers from a good socio-demographic have a generous amount of disposable income, and are very keen to “Keep up with Jones’.”

But… they have high standards and are not easily impressed…

Branded golf umbrellas are a great way encourage golfers to consider your brand or organisation, but you need to get it right.

Follow these 3 steps, and you are onto a sure thing:

 1. Don’t Be a Man of Steel

Avoid umbrellas made of steel at all costs!

This includes the shaft and the ribs.

Steel is weaker, more sensitive to the elements, bends and breaks easily, and tends to warp permanently once they are blown inside-out.

Fibreglass is perfect – it’s cheap(ish) and good quality.

If you have money to burn, you can go for something even better, such as graphite or carbon fibre – but it’s really not necessary. You clients are pushing a golf buggy, not riding the Tour De France.

Fortunately, rain is lightweight and not very strong (in most cases – except for the occasions when you’re on the back nine during a hurricane, if you’re into that sort of thing). This means that the job needing to be performed by the umbrella is realistic.

T20 Custom Printed Golf Umbrella

The T20 ‘Wedge’ golf umbrellas is full fibreglass and starts at under $10.00 per unit including your logo print.

Don’t go overboard, investing in umbrellas that are far beyond the requirements customers will ever need.

The idea is to provide a convenience – something they will remember you for and appreciate in a subtle way when the time comes.

Opt for a low-cost, strong and reliable material. Fibreglass does the trick.

See some additional examples of corporate golf umbrellas that are the correct balance of price and construction quality: click here.

As a pretty good rule, take into account the general quality of the umbrellas your customers are likely to be using and select your promotional golf umbrellas accordingly.

Match, but don’t overshoot or undershoot (emphasis on the latter, as poor-quality promotional materials, can wreak havoc on your branding efforts, as we’ll get into in the next step.)

2. The Answer My Friend, Is Blowing In The Wind

Let’s be sure it’s only the answer that is blowing in the wind, and not your golf umbrella or the person holding it.

Golf courses are generally pretty windy places, so you want a decent wind ventilation system.

Picture your custom printed golf umbrellas tumbling recklessly down the course… players laughing, your customer/prospect embarrassed – a symbolic visual of your chances of being a meaningful connection flying off into the horizon.

Yes, that’s your logo on the side of that projectile, and it’s all because it lacked a proper wind ventilation system to embrace the breezy conditions.

Hurrican Umbrella With Advanced Wind Protection

The WG006 ‘Hurrican’ Umbrella has the most advanced wind protection system and reinforced ribs.

Take that in for a moment.

Wouldn’t it be better, much better, to be prepared with a little bit of knowledge beforehand? Of course. Speak with your current supplier about the importance of not only the construction material of the promotional golf umbrellas but design features such as these that increase their usability.

This is something we factor into our branded golf umbrellas with logos at Payless Promotions – making sure the item serves its intended purpose (comparable to a non-branded equivalent), without maxing out your budget.

It is doable – you just need to know what to include. This goes for promotional hats, pens, cups, clothes, or anything else. Understanding the item and what it needs is key.

So, before you jump the gun, contact us.

We know what works and what doesn’t with these branded items, and we might be able to share some unique perspectives and ideas with you.

In terms of uniqueness, it brings us to the third step…

3. Bring Sexy Back

Keep in mind that the people you are giving these to are golfers.

Spoiler alert: There is a fair chance your golfing clients already have a golf umbrella.

Therefore, they will be forced to choose between the one they already have… and yours.

Choose a sexy design and branding.

If your brand or logo is not cool (sometimes this happens), then come up with a slogan that is.

Something golf-related is best.

As we’ve mentioned in other how-to articles, your logo should not take centre-stage here. Draw the attention of the people your customer/prospect is on the course with to a clever (and memorable) catchphrase or slogan.

Be creative, be silly if you have to – just make it unique.


A Printed Designer Umbrella To Keep You Up With The Recent Trend

No one is going to be as crazy about your logo as you are – even if it’s a nice one.

Choose a conversation-starter instead. Make the design and branding of the corporate golf umbrellas something that doesn’t seem out of place on the greens.

Does your logo have a lot of colours? A quick glance at some golf gear and apparel websites will reveal the most common (and safest) colour schemes you might want to consider when designing these.

As you might have guessed, grey, white and black are the most frequent (with the occasional deep blue), and these will be easy to match to the rest of your customer’s gear.

That doesn’t mean you can’t experiment, however. But, if your logo is colour-centric, tone it down by reducing its visual impact on the rest of the umbrella.

To recap, your custom printed golf umbrellas need to blend:

  • Affordable material (such as fibreglass) with a durable construction
  • Expected and useful features such as a proper wind ventilation system
  • An attractive design that will make them want to take it out on the course

The Winner Is…

T30 Logo Wind Vented Golf Umbrella

T30 ‘Thunderstorm’ umbrella has the perfect mix of quality, price and sexy!

I think the Thunderstorm umbrella stacks up better than the rest. It has sturdy fibreglass shaft and ribs, and a great wind-venting system. Throw in auto-opening and a comfortable, EVA handle, and you are onto a winner.

But is it sexy…? 

Hell yeah! The offset 2-colour design looks very cool.

What’s possibly best of all is that is only a few dollars more expensive than a basic steel umbrella.

The down-side?  This particular umbrella is only available in red and blue.

If this doesn’t match your corporate colour scheme, then for a few bucks more, you can get this Typhoon design. It’s a whole step-up in quality, and comes in a great range of colours.

2 Tone Custom Typhoon Wind Vented Umbrella

2 Tone Custom Typhoon Wind Vented Umbrella

Happy golfing!




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