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The 6 Best-Performing Promotional Products for Tradeshow Giveaways in 2021

Promotional Products

Tradeshows are about attracting attention – lots of attention. And how best to do that? With the right selection of thoughtful promotional products, of course. But, many organisations find themselves missing the mark, failing to leave a memorable impression, or creating the wrong first impression out of the gate.

Making a splash at upcoming trade shows and conventions is easy with a few simple pointers from Payless Promotions.

The best tradeshow giveaways should meet at least 3 of these criteria:

  • Relevant to your brand
  • Relevant to your target market
  • Usable
  • Long-lasting
  • Inspire contact/action

All giveaways must contain a call to action.

Here are some ideas for promotional gifts that are affordable and have become very popular in Australia. You should be able to view a range from your current supplier of promotional products, or alternatively, Payless Promotions have a great range you can view here.

1. Pens

Usability is a big factor when it comes to staying top-of-mind with your network. Pens are immediately usable (even at the trade show itself), they’re lightweight, portable conversation starters that don’t cost a fortune.

Branding the pens with your company slogan, website or logo is a classic marketing approach that is still effective. Their low cost and familiarity will be appreciated by your prospects without obligating them. This can often make calls to action more natural.

While pens are an affordable promotional merchandise option, make sure they’re still built to last and high quality. See our selection here for examples of durable pens that can be printed or easily engraved with your brand and CTA.

Think pens as promotional gifts lack diversity? Consider the numerous varieties and options to see if you change your mind:Pens

There are tons of options you can discuss with your current supplier. Everything from colour mixing and matching to material and construction can turn the ordinary pen mighty.

2. Anything Magnetic

Fact: people are still fascinated by magnetism. There’s a certain allure to the mysterious pull magnets have. It’s something that always makes a person feel euphoric.

When applied in a business sense, these clever promotional products can work magic. With so many possible options (bookmarks, calendars, note holders, business cards and more), these properly-branded trade show gifts can make your organisation the one that stands out.

Plus, magnets are extremely cheap. With more flexibility in your budget, you’ll be able to experiment with different themes and combinations, putting together a creative package to offer visitors at your booth.

Different Magnets

These great promotional gifts are flat and easy to carry, finding their way seamlessly into your prospect’s wallet, pocket or trade show bag. Try combining a few types together, such as magnetic To-Do lists, photo frames and whiteboards, into a nifty collection that you package into a branded bag. This will go a long way when it comes to connecting with your audience, and it won’t cost a bundle.

Any reputable provider of promotional products will be able to produce these fast and affordably, with strong magnets that last a long time and clear, full-colour printing that pops. Payless Promotions have a wide range of promotional magnets available here that you can use as inspiration.

3. Keyrings

No list would be complete without giving a nod to one of the longest-reigning champions of the tradeshow floor: the keyring.

KeyringsThese favourites can be fashioned to perform just about any function, from torch lights to bottle openers, whistles and everything in-between, you can find the perfect match for the trade show you’re planning to attend. Check with your supplier for the latest in brandable keyrings, or alternatively, visit our keyrings section for a quick look at our current selection.

Their many uses make them a must-have at your booth, and branding them with a call to action can lead to more inbound enquiries after the show. Keyrings make an unimposing gift that your prospects will be glad to accept, even if they have no use for them.

Keyring promotional gifts with immediate value include carabiners, which have seemingly limitless applications. Anything you can do to add value and convenience to your prospect’s lives will set a positive association with your brand.

4. Phone Accessories

The world is mobile now, with virtually every prospect attending a trade show being in possession of a smartphone. This means that these gifts have the biggest potential to create high-impact first impressions with visitors at your booth.

Oftentimes, these gifts will be items the prospect has considered purchasing themselves, but never got around to it or chose not to shell out the money (even if the items were inexpensive).

The result? A very HUGE appreciation factor, building a level of excitement they will carry with them the remainder of the show.

A worthwhile investment

While these might require a little more out of pocket than other promotional merchandise, the payoff can be worth it. Customers will recognise your gesture, and it will speak volumes of your brand.

Here are some of the best phone accessories you can offer qualified prospects:

You can view more at our phone accessories section, or check online for additional ideas.

These are phenomenal performers at events because they match virtually all of the marketing and branding criteria stated earlier: they’re long-lasting, usable, relevant to your brand/target market (if your prospects typically connect with you via online channels through a mobile device), and they can inspire action – putting the accessories to immediate use, and/or contacting you after the show.

The idea is to introduce a new mental association with your organisation’s brand persona.

5. Mugs

In a world fueled by java, it’s a sound strategy to be the logo on your customer’s new favourite coffee mug.Mugs

With the exception of VR equipment, it’s harder to get much closer to your prospect’s faces with trade show promotional gifts than this. It’s in-your-face marketing that works in a special way, because the jolt of energy and inspiration that follow sipping a warm cuppa can be immediately tied to your brand.

Whether the mug finds its way into your customer’s kitchen cupboards, office desk or breakroom, or it’s lucky enough to become the chosen one used daily, it’s certain to be an effective reminder of your organisation.

These mugs can easily be printed and personalised by your supplier, are cost-effective, considerate and long-lasting. Depending on the event and target audience, you might opt for beer mugs, instead.

See some of our interesting options, including “Magic Heat Sensitive Mugs” in our online catalog.

6. Bags

Jute-BagsWe’ve saved the best for last, as this is one piece of promotional merchandise that surpass all others, if done correctly. When your trade show booth or representatives are giving away other items, having a bag ready to put them all in is a great tactic. But, it’s fantastic as a stand-alone gift, too.

Regardless of how many items your prospects may have collected elsewhere at the event (including gifts from competitors), placing everything in a well-branded, personalised bag from your company eclipses all else.

Many of these, including some of the jute bags and satchel bags Payless Promotions have here, offer real-world value that transcend the trade show floor.

Your current supplier of promotional products should be able to fully customise these for you at a low rate. Go for bags that are high-quality, durable and easy to fasten.

One size/type doesn’t fit all…Travel-Bag

Take time to think about your target demographic and the uses they might have for the bag. Does your typical customer engage in sports? Are they avid travelers? Do they need an additional, convenient option for porting their laptop?

Choose a focus that will likely have usability for the majority of the prospects you expect to encounter during that particular event.

Including a call to action

Going through the motions of designing, purchasing and distributing promotional gifts that lack a clear call to action (CTA) is a lot like going fishing with no tackle.

The call to action is the opportunity for the prospect to reciprocate by contacting or otherwise engaging your brand. This is the exchange you’re requesting, in a non-pushy way, by offering something for free. The customers are smart enough to know that you’re not simply giving away promotional products without reason – you are asking them to consider a future relationship with your organisation.

Make it easier for them by defining clear CTAs that they can follow at their leisure.

Incorporate these elements on your branded products for more conversions:

  • Solid visuals that are easy to recognise
  • Contrasting colours or imagery without excessive details
  • Easy to remember vanity website addresses/social media usernames
  • Wording that requests action – “Join today,” “Visit our site,” “Call for information,” etc.
  • A slogan or motto that expresses industry-leading value

For more useful tips and strategies, stay up to date on the latest blogs from Payless Promotions, or contact our team for helpful assistance with promotional merchandise for your upcoming trade shows.



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