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3 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE You Purchase Pull Up Banners

Pull Up Banner

When done correctly, pull up banners can make your brand stand out from the crowd

Marketing is about attention – getting people to notice and take an interest in your product or service. Careful thought and consideration should go into each marketing and branding effort you attempt, and pull-up banners are no exception.

This valuable resource can raise a lot of initial questions for most business owners who are just getting started, while even seasoned exhibitors can sometimes find themselves in need of a few helpful tips.

The ease of setting up retractable banners makes them an attractive option for virtually any networking event or exhibition. Ideal for situations where you have a uniquely shaped space to fill or limited control over which modifications can be made, pull up banners offer mobility and flexibility at a low cost.

We know display advertising well, and we’ve put together a simple and useful article that will help you get the most out of your purchase. Ask yourself these 3 things before you invest in your retractable banners:

1) Where will it be positioned?

Double Sided PrintAs with any marketing strategy, the orientation, formatting and positioning of the branded material is of key significance. Due to the nature of roll up banners, your audience may or may not be able to approach – and see – your banners from behind (the opposite direction from where they’re facing).

Our banners are available as single or double-sided configuration, and your needs will depend heavily on the importance you place on capturing a viewer’s attention from any angle. See some of the options and examples we have available here.

Suppose your audience will be traveling through a hallway where your display is not positioned against a wall – depending on the additional elements of your overall display (such as tables, demos, etc.), it might be suitable to go with a one-sided banner that forces viewers to turn-around and engage your display out of curiosity.

In this case, presenting your branded imagery on the rear side of the banner might not serve to drive engagements, and one-sided retractable banners are the best choice.

But, if your display (in that same hallway) is primarily the banners themselves, it will make more sense to create a multi-directional branding effect by opting for double-sided pull-up banners.

The orientation of the content on the banners is just as important as where they will be placed within the event, at what angle they will be seeing them, and the direction and quantity of light available.

Most consumers (in Australia) are accustomed to reading material from left to right, top to bottom, and this should be factored into your design. Keep textual information to a minimum, instead focusing on singular graphic images that are quickly and easily understood. Simplicity is a winner when it comes to busy and distracted attendees. Position your logo and message near the top where they will make “eye contact” with the viewer.

2) What is it being used for?

Knowing exactly how they will be used and what will be required can go a long way when it comes to making the correct purchase. Decide this ahead of time, as purchasing roll up banners that are too big can be frustrating, but purchasing ones that are too small can have a devastating impact on your branding efforts.

To have a successful event, take a look at the various sizes we offer by clicking here. Choose a standard banner (starting at just 85cm in width) for smaller needs, or a wider version (up to 2m) if you’re using them as a background for filming promotional videos, live performances, etc.

Pull Up BannersRegardless of the size you choose, the images on the banners should be of the highest quality. Use graphics files, designed for print and saved as CMYK, in at least 300 dpi. If your goal is to attract attention, and you succeed, you don’t want it to be highlighting poor imagery, planning, and an apparently small budget. The images you place on your retractable banners should be attractive enough to keep the viewer’s interest, long after you catch their eye.

Plan your event and staging ahead of time for better results. Never settle for low-quality stock images or files saved in RGB format. There are plenty of resources online where you can stockpile free images that are permissible for commercial applications.

Certain colours and hues – orange and red are real attention grabbers – have the ability to really make text pop. Use this to your advantage to deliver short and simple statements (suggestions) to the audience that promote your brand.

Treat each banner as if it were a stand-alone business card, and a first-impression is all you’ll have a chance to make. Then, place the entire ensemble together, strategically, creating a complete experience that your prospects will be drawn to. It will pay off.

3) How often will it be used?

Deluxe BannerIf your banner will be used often, it makes sense to go for the Deluxe banners available from Payless Promotions on our website. These are made to withstand regular use for long periods of time, including setup, storage and transportation. Constructed with quality in mind, these pull up banners are designed to grow with your brand and provide reliable branding tools you can call upon when needed.

Have a single or one-off use in mind? You should opt for the Standard banner that is still durable and high-quality in construction, but will save you money and provide a quick and effective branding solution.

We encourage you to spend only what is needed to accomplish the goals you have in mind for each event. Sometimes, it makes sense to have a combination of Deluxe and Standard banners to mix-and-match during the season. Talk to our team for help or more information about which solutions will work best for your organisation.

As always, advertising and marketing efforts are about promoting your brand, and all our pull-up banners (including Deluxe and Standard) will present your contact details and information clearly and legibly. However, to get the most value from your roll up banners, choosing a graphic designer who is knowledgeable in print advertising is essential.

Such considerations as rasterized font (if using Photoshop files), PDFs saved for digital print, font and typeface can make or break the message you’re trying to send to your audience.

Our experts can help you determine if the files you’re using are optimised and saved properly to make the text easy to read.

We’ll help you purchase the exact retractable banners you need at an affordable cost, built to the highest standards, making your event a success.



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