True Dry Polo Shirts & Tee Shirts


True Dry material is the latest technology in Polo Shirts and Tee Shirts.  It is a great advancement and goes a long way towards covering the flaws of traditional polo shirt materials cotton and polyester.

Below I have listed the issues with traditional polo shirt materials and then explained how the True Dry material overcomes these issues.

Heavy Weight:  While being comfortable on the skin cotton polo shirts can be a little heavy.  Furthermore once you sweat in a cotton polo, they tend to hold the sweat and get heavier again.

The Solution:  True Dry polo shirts offer a lighter weight material which is still strong and durable.  They also have inbuilt technology to draw moisture away from the body and disperse it into the atmosphere meaning they do not get significantly heavier when sweating.

 Wrinkles and Fading: Cotton garments are very susceptible to fading if hung in the sun and also tend to wrinkle badly when washed.

The Solution: The polyester content of true dry garments means they are less susceptible to fading while drying and will also wrinkle less after washing making them more of a wash and wear garment.

Comfort:  Polyester garments are traditionally less comfortable to wear and are often described as feeling a little ‘scratchy’.

The Solution:  True Dry garments have a cotton inner blended through them to provide the comfort and feel benefits of 100% cotton polo shirts.

Smell:  The Polyester (Cool Dry) garments these days have inbuilt technology to draw sweat away from the body and disperse it efficiently.  However, unfortunately the odour tends to stay with the garment.

The Solution:  True Dry garments have a cotton component which helps to reduce the odour holding properties of the polyester.  Expect your True Dry garment to smell less than a 100% polyester polo, but more than 100% cotton.

In conclusion True Dry is a significant advancement in Tee and Polo Shirt materials.  In my opinion it is clearly the best material on the market today and at only a few dollars more than 100% cotton or 100% polyester polo shirts, I would also suggest it is outstanding value for money.


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