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Choose Your Jersey Name


Step 1 – School Restrictions/ Guidelines
The first step is to choosing your year 12 jersey name for Year 12 Hoodies is to check with your school to see what restrictions or guidelines they have in place. For example some schools will specify that students must use your surname on your Year 12 Jackets. All schools will disapprove of rude or offensive yr 12 jersey names whether it is blatant or covert.

Step 2 – Design Capabilities
Depending on the garment and decoration style your school chooses you may have endless options for your Leavers Varsity Jackets, or you may be slightly restricted. The biggest restriction for Year 12 Rugby Jumpers is the font chosen for your yr 12 jersey names. Check to see if the chosen font includes numbers, punctuation, etc. If it doesn’t, then you have to avoid these characters.

Step 3 – Be Creative… But Don’t Get Carried Away
The best year 12 jersey names are the most obvious. Use the nickname that you have been called by your friends for the longest as your Leavers Zip Hoodies name. Remember your Leavers Polo Shirts is a keepsake, so don’t try to make up a nickname on the spot as most likely it won’t stick, and you will be left with a yr 12 jersey name that makes no sense. If you don’t have a nickname then your surname is probably the best option. At least it will make sense in years to come.

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