Best reusable coffee cup: A unique branding message for the eco friendly

Take advantage of a trending market and add the best reusable coffee cup to your promotional materials. Be the first thing millions of coffee drinkers see each day.

Keep cups are more than a trending promotional product, though. They’re part of a worldwide sustainable movement towards reducing plastic waste. And 90% of Australian consumers are ready to get on board.

Over 1 billion coffee cups are thrown out every year! That translates into a huge opportunity to use reusable coffee cups instead. Not only can you be part of the movement, but you also have the potential to benefit from a growing market opportunity.

What Is The Best Reusable Coffee Cup

Reusable coffee cups, also known as keep cups or travel mugs, are a cup you can keep and reuse.

Coffee cup waste is an increasingly growing problem, and the coffee industry is looking for ways to curb waste. Unfortunately, single-use cups are Australia’s second largest waste product after plastic bottles.

Keep cups are a popular solution that makes for a popular eco-friendly promotional product choice.

Reusable coffee cups are available in multiple sizes, colours and designs and can be personalised with business logos and brand messages.

What Is The Marketing Value For Reusable Coffee Cups?

Australians drink a lot of coffee. According to coffee affection, more than a quarter of the 25.74 million people that make up Australia’s population say they can’t go a day without coffee. Should coffee remain popular – we think it’s unlikely all those Aussies will quit their morning coffee routine – the global reusable coffee cup market value is estimated to reach 24.85 billion USD by 2031. That’s a massive market opportunity!

Join The Trend For Environmentally Friendly Products

Reusable home, health, and kitchen products are always at the top of the list of the latest trends in environmentally friendly products. Australian consumers are ready and they want to embrace everyday sustainable options.

Research shows that competitive prices and Australia’s commitment to sustainability rank in the top five reasons consumers buy from their favourite brands. For businesses in the promotional marketing department, this trend is certainly one to keep (cup) on top of your marketing strategy.

Options For Best Reusable Coffee Cups

Whether single-walled, double-walled or vacuum insulated, we have a range to meet all your promotional cups needs.

We know that with so many options, it can be challenging to choose the right reusable cup. We recommend starting with finding a product that can match both your needs and design requirements.

The first significant decision should be the material your cups will be made from. While each material has its benefits, it also has different qualities that can affect your printing options.
If you need help figuring out where to start, contact our team, and they can help point you in the right direction.

BPA-Free Polypropylene Varieties

Polypropylene is naturally BPA free, shatterproof and odour-resistant. Our polypropylene varieties come in various designs and can be combined with materials like rice husk fibre, bamboo fibres, Acrylonitrile Styrene – a plastic that looks like polystyrene – or coffee grounds. Depending on your choice, branding options include pad print, screen print, debossing and silicon digital print. Each option has differing qualities and benefits.

The following range of cups are available in our BPA-Free polypropylene range:

  • Barista Coffee Cup
  • Cafe Cup
  • Choice Cup
  • Commuter Travel Mug
  • Contour Tumbler
  • Cordia Cup
  • Express Cup – with or without silicone sleeve
  • IdealCup with ergonomic fins
  • Mosa Tumbler
  • Oakridge Double Walled Cup With Cork Outer Coating
  • Octane Coffee Cup
  • Tornado Coffee Cup
  • Urban Coffee Cup
  • Vento Double Wall Cup

Crystal Clear Tritan

Tritan is BPA-free plastic that is shatterproof and odour-resistant. It looks like glass but has the strength of a durable and heavyweight type of plastic. But it also isn’t plastic!

The best printing options for this material are pad print, screen print, silicon digital print and debossing.

Borosilicate Glass – With Silicone Lid

Borosilicate glass is a lightweight, shatter-resistant, strong, BPA-free type of material.

Printing methods include pad printing, screen printing, debossing, and digital print.

The following range of cups are available in our Borosilicate glass range:

  • Nova Cup Borosilicate
  • Stellar Cup Borosilicate
  • Stellar Cup Natura
  • Valencia Cup
  • Divino Double Wall Glass Cup
  • Aztec Double Wall Glass Cup

Glass Reusable Coffee Cups

Glass is reusable and clean, and it provides a pure taste.

If you want your logo printed onto glass cups, the best printing methods are pad printing, debossing, screen printing and silicon digital printing.

The following range of cups are available in our glass range:

  • Metro Cup
  • Metro Cup Cork Bank

50/50 Bamboo And Melamine

Bamboo cups provide a natural and on-trend look that goes with anything. Although bamboo is durable and long-lasting, this type of keep cup will last longer if not put in a dishwasher.

Branding options include pad printing and screen printing.

The following range of cups are available in our bamboo and Melamine range:

  • Metro Cup Bamboo
  • Bamboo Double Wall Cup


Ceramic mugs and cups have a pleasant feel and keep your drinks warm. They don’t heat up as much as stainless steel, so they can be more comfortable to hold. They’re also lightweight making them easy to carry around.

The best printing method is sublimation. Although depending on the cup, you can also use pad printing, screen printing, debossing and silicon digital prints.

The following range of cups are available in our ceramic range:

  • Aztec Coffee Cup
  • 300ml Aztec Double Wall Coffee Cup
  • 350ml Aztec Double Wall Coffee Cup with Full Colour

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is BPA-free, stylish, keeps drinks hot and cold for longer, reduces plastic waste, and is reusable and extremely durable. The stainless steel interior helps to keep drinks hotter.

Stainless steel reusable cups can be printed with pad print, laser engraving, debossing, screen print and silicone digital printing options.

The following range of cups are available in our stainless steel range:

  • Aspen Travel Mug
  • Bamboo Double Wall Cup
  • Calibre Vacuum Cup
  • Camelbak Horizon Rocks Vacuum Tumbler
  • CamelBak Horizon Vacuum Tumbler
  • Columbia Travel Mug
  • Cordia Heritage Vacuum Cup
  • Cordia Vacuum Cup
  • Cyprus Vacuum Cup
  • Express Cup Elite With Silicone Band
  • Evora vacuum Cup
  • Java Vacuum Cup
  • Mocka Vacuum Cup
  • Powder-Coated Cordia Vacuum Cup
  • Prodigy Vacuum Cup
  • Swiss Peak Stealth Vacuum Cup
  • Verona Vacuum Cup – with or without handle
  • Zeus Vacuum Cup
  • Zorro Vacuum Cup

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Stainless Steel Keep Cups Environmentally Friendly?

Steel is the world’s most recyclable material because it has a long lifespan. While it is not biodegradable, its longevity and reusability make steel more environmentally friendly than plastic. It is corrosion and rust-resistant, and when recycled, steel can be manufactured into many other products.

2. How Long Do Reusable Cups Last?

To be efficient at minimising waste and retaining its environmentally friendly status, reusable cups need to be used at least 100 times. Polypropylene cups can be washed up to 300 times before the quality diminishes.

3. How Do I Care For My Reusable Cup For Best Results?

Always read the handling instructions carefully to get the most out of your reusable coffee mug. Some materials are not dishwasher-safe and you should hand wash them instead.

What’s The Best Reusable Coffee Cup?

The best reusable coffee cup is one printed with your logo and designed to be used time and time again. They help promote eco-friendly values within your organisation and with your consumers. Any cup that promotes being used more than once is a better coffee cup than a throwaway cup.

With many colours, designs and materials to choose from, a branded reusable travel mug is an excellent option for promotional marketing strategies.