Win Games and Hearts with Our Custom Hockey Skirts

So you choose to not buy our high quality skirts - Picture this: Your star player is running down the wing, dribbling past players at will and breaking into the opposition third. Suddenly an opposition player delivers a rash stick tackle causing the star player to fall. She is wearing a cheap skirt that you bought at last minute and it rips, leaving her with a massive cut up her leg. She has to go off injured and you lose the match. IF you decided to buy our custom skirts she would have bounced straight up, passed the free hit in to the goal area and a teammate smashed it home. Sounds better right? Your choice is simple.

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Get customised hockey shirts that are personalised with your club logo. Show your support for your favourite team through branded sportswear that wins! Win games, hearts and more with branded wear that’s durable, comfortable and stylish. Get them cheap online from the leading name in promo wear in Australia, Payless Promotions.

Don’t let the skirts fool you. Some of the toughest and most skilled hockey players wear branded hockey skirts by Payless Promotions. These women go beyond pretty. They can take a puck and a stick, and show you who’s boss! And, we just love them!

Payless Promotions provides top quality custom sports skirts that give women the utmost mobility and comfort. We understand their needs as athletes, and we’ve come up with team uniform wear that lets them move as they want. Durable and reliable, athletes can wear our personalised skirts with confidence. Play a tough and rough game in Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth. Level up and play harder in Adelaide, Sydney and elsewhere in Australia. You know you can trust your customised shorts, imprinted with your club logo.

Get yours online at cheap affordable rates. Payless Promotions always strives to offer incomparable value-for-money on all our quality products. Visit our store to see for yourself.

Buy today to avail of amazing deals. Or, please feel free to get in touch with the team if you have queries prior to your purchase. A customer service manager is available, day in and day out, via web chat and our hotline. You can also leave us a message via our web form or email address.