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Custom shirts become more than topwear when they're from Payless Promotions. Corporate clothes should always stand out and add value to your business. This is what we do best, and why we're number one in Australia. Premium quality wear at cheap prices --- you won't find that elsewhere! Give us a call today.

Embroidered shirts from Payless Promotions are on a class of its own. Customised with your logo, these are not likely to take up space in the closet. You'd want to wear them all the time! Shop online for our branded topwear. We are the preferred provider of personalised promo products in Australia.

Corporate shirts are a make or break for business. Yes, these are just tops – but remember that they are branded with your business logo. How your target audience perceive these matters. Will they look at a sloppy customised promo product that hardly adds value to your operations? If so, it's a waste of your investment. Or, will they see a premium quality custom item that they'd love to have? The quality of your embroidered promo wear reflects on you, and the values that you operate by.

Payless Promotions is the preferred provider of premium quality personalised promo items in Australia. In all corners of the country, from Sydney to Melbourne, we've led the way to great-looking teams, appreciative clients and prospects, and better ways of using your promotional funds. We've also helped businesses in Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and other regions.

Our goal is to get you a step ahead of your competition – just by making you, your team, and your clients and prospects look better in your promo clothing. We put together ideas that elevate how your promo items work for you. You can see a glimpse of this in our online showcase.

Talk to us today about your requirements. You can shop online or chat with a customer service manager for specifics about your order. We adjust to your needs, and even accept rush orders. Call or chat with us today for details.

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